Fellow Travelers

I spent this morning with a new Light Warrior friend. We realized that the reason we 'recognized' each other immediately at our first meeting is because we are colleagues - ambassadors for the Galactic Federation of Light. It was a buzzy high-vibe discussion. We were joined by her mother and the three of us had a delightful visit.

It has been a busy day so I haven't had time to do any research. However I read a lovely channeling from Hilarion (linked below). I have enjoyed Marlene's channellings of Hilarion for many years. One of his favorite phrases regarding Ascension: 'Feel your way through it, moment by moment.'

I am aware of undergoing enormous changes on a daily basis, much of it internal processing and soul growth. It's not obvious in my exterior world - but I KNOW what is happening in my inner world.

Thanks to Tim for his comment about 'Your tribe will find you'. It is absolutely true. My tribe has been gathering around me in recent weeks. I see with such clarity who my people are - my fellow travelers on the Ascension journey. It brings me great joy to be surrounded by vibrant loving souls who truly GET me.

These words in the channeling really resonated with me...

'You have or are in the process of unpacking what you no longer need for this journey and repacking for travelling light.'


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. You're welcome, Sierra. My friends and I are letting go of the "battle" to waken people and beginning to live as if we have already won. In response, we find ourselves surrounded and joined by others of similar thoughts and on similar Journeys. After all this time, who'da thunk it would be so easy...


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