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MSM Newspaper Apologizes For Scamdemic

Wow. One of Europe's largest newspapers, Bild in Germany, has issued a formal apology for publishing propaganda about the fake virus and harming society, especially children. The Bild editor speaks in a short video, calling the virus a lie. [B]iden's staff are referring to him as 'the nightmare on Elm St.' His days must be numbered. Check out the pic in this news story - that is so obviously a latex face mask with its fake forehead wrinkles. Soooo...the virus is disappearing too fast for the jabs to keep up with it. And the problem is...?? Rumors of another USA lockdown - in mid August. How to explain the absurdity of the jab to a 'sleeper' - show them this meme. Finally, meet a hero with ATTITUDE (one minu

Goodbye July - At Last!

Firstly, here is an important document from Gab CEO Andrew Torba - religious exemption for the jab. I have had a busy day but I wanted to check in and connect with you, my lovely blog reader family. Today's post mainly comprises memes and images that sum up the absolutely NUTTINESS of the current global situation.  People are waking up... These nurses are delivering a big truth bomb for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. I love this meme. Make Influenza Great Again indeed. A reminder from Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers that [B]iden & Co work for We The People. This 'psychic gym guy' accurately predicted the current situation with spooky accuracy. Finally, Light Warrior cartoonist Ben Garrison takes us into August. So clever. Summer of fun 2021 style

USA Military Jab Mandate

  The military is getting involved in the Sydney lock downs. Janine (Tarot by Janine) believes that Australia and the UK are being used as an experiment by the Black Hats to see how much punishment people will take before they rise up and say - ENOUGH. [B]iden has gone full Gestapo and mandated that ALL USA military personnel must be jabbed. Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab is receiving lots of messages from Light Warrior military who need help to fight this mandate. I’m getting flooded with messages like this from active duty military who do not want to take the vax and are being threatened with court martial if they do not. This is madness. Here is a message about the treatment of military personnel who refuse the jab. It's appalling. Here is a Frontline Doctors pathologist telling the TRUTH about the jab. It is poison. America's Frontline Doctors 1 Year Anniversary White Coat Summit: Pathologist, Dr. Rya

What Will It Take To Awaken The Sleepers...?

CDC - the biggest flip flop establishment on the planet - is now calling for all vaccinated Americans to still wear masks. In my play-book, this is a classic case of 'how far can we push the sleepers until they wake up...?'  Imagine being fully vaccinated and WILLINGLY still wearing a mask without question. The mind boggles. Even the MSM is being forced to comment on the flip-flopping. BOOM. 63206407?s=19 Israel is not the only country promoting 'booster shots' for the jabbed. My retired double jabbed neighbors are talking quite happily about getting their booster shots. Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab with a powerful message about FIGHTING BACK. I love his Gab address - when you own the company, you can be just the letter 'a'! Refuse to comply at all costs. We are HUMAN BEINGS made in the image of God. If your job is making you get the vax, find a good lawyer and sue or do whatever you need to do to fi