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Durham Is Activated

Anons are quietly excited that Attorney General Durham has finally surfaced and is dishing out subpoenas to [K]illary Clinton's law firm. It means the Alliance is tightening the noose on the big [D]eep [S]tate players. Going after their law counsel is usually a precursor to going after the person. This story even featured on mainstream CNN.   The [B]iden administration is introducing a bill that will fine businesses $700,000 PER PERSON for any un-jabbed employees. This would be a good time for the Alliance to step up and blow the whistle on the whole charade. An ominous story about hiring people to run 'quarantine facilities' for virus patients. Thank goodness we know it's just a movie.

Jab Remorse/The Event Dream Re-visited

I was at a Voices For Freedom meeting tonight where we discussed 'jab remorse'. Then I saw this post. It begins. Be prepared to soothe the angry grief-stricken people who experience 'jab remorse'. After I posted the dream story in the previous post - and I mentioned my own Event dream - I have been asked about my dream. Here it is re-posted from several months ago... Last night I had a vivid dream about The Event.  I was standing on a street alone, surrounded by people. Suddenly for no apparent reason they started screaming and panicking. I couldn't understand why. I looked up at the sky and there were thousands of birds flying overhead. Suddenly the entire scene froze. I looked at a person standing near me and they were completely frozen in position. In the next instant, a huge flash of white light descended from the sky and covered everything. I felt euphoric. I immediately knew what was happening.  I could still move, even though the entire scene was frozen. I ra

Alliance Is WINNING

Major Patriot lists the ways that the Alliance is winning the war. We are winning on all fronts. We have Congress jammed up, Biden's "domestic agenda" is failing, his international standing is in tatters and his poll numbers are worse than any other President in US History. The only thing Biden had at all was a positive sentiment from the public regarding COVID. Now, he's lost that. Keep up the pressure deplorables. Political journalist Brian Cates reports that the infrastructure bill has been shot down. I'm hearing it's over. Manchin will vote against the infrastructure bill. A MASSIVE DEFEAT FOR DEMENTIA JOE. The news just gets better and better. CNN Business reports that the US government will run out of money by 18th October according to the Treasury Secretary. Cue financial market collapse. BOOM. Irrefutable proof that the Vatican is evil - they are not paying staff w

Ode To The Light Warrior

Mainstream media is dropping red pills now. It sounds like an Australian TV channel. How many sleepers will actually NOTICE that it's the truth...?? Oh no - it seems that Lt Col Scheller is severely compromised. He praised George Bush Senior in a post. Cowboyw2b with an interesting Cue connection to 1st October potential US government shut down. If congress doesn’t get its shit together, the government will shut down on Friday, October 1st = Best. News. Ever. #TheGreatDefault A reality check. It's true. The MAJORITY of people in most countries are not fully jabbed - including NZ. Finally, this profound piece of writing from Martin Geddes in England could be titled 'Ode To The Light Warrior'... No matter how hard it has been, I would not swap what I am doing, where I am doing it, with whom I am, or when I am

[B]iden Actor Taken Out?

Senator Josh Hawley called out General Milley to his face, demanding that he resign. Gutsy guy. The night before Generals Milley and McKenzie testified before Congress, Light Warrior Lt Col Scheller was thrown in the brig (prison). He had publicly called for the Generals to be held accountable for the Afghanistan disaster. It is THEY who should be in prison. Anons are speculating if this triple jab will take out the [B]iden actor. Cue the financial markets collapse. NBA Magic player Jonathon Isaac is pro-choice when it comes to the jab. And he chose No .   Here is Isaac again. He richly deserves that number 1 singlet - he's a Light Warrior hero. This story destroys our New Zealand PM's grandiose notion that