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Show The People

Q said that you  'Can't tell the people, you have to show them...'  Well, [B]iden is doing a pretty fine job of it - to the point where the corrupt MSM is forced to report the TRUTH about his plummeting poll ratings. A shocking 71% of people say we are on the wrong track, including a near majority of Democrats...47% say [B]iden is not competent to deal with a crisis...' (TV anchor) This is interesting - a poll asked US likely voters for their awareness of 'Let's Go Brandon'. The affirmative response was high considering there has been zero MSM coverage of this phenomenon. MSM losing its power. Japan is leading the way with Ivermectin, virtually ending the virus overnight. Role model for rest of world.


This post opens with a powerful NZ Maori haka of FREEDOM. I admit to shedding tears of pride. New Zealanders again - a BIG protest rally calling for FREEDOM. Go fellow Kiwis! This European MP speaks about FREEDOM with such passion. Please help the video to go viral. Brave Light Warrior escorted out of her hospital workplace - risking everything for FREEDOM. Verona, Italy - a big FREEDOM rally for a city that is not big in size. Beautiful energy. A list of cities worldwide that are staging huge regular FREEDOM rallies (include Auckland). Media reaction? Zip. Graphic proof of the [D]eep [S]tate media LIES about the jab. Please pass it on.

You Are Never Alone

 Stefan from Germany posted such an uplifting positive comment, I wanted to share it with all of you.  I can report to you from Germany that for weeks, yes months, the military of different alliance nations is brought into position here. Besides DUMB scans, arrests are already taking place behind the scenes, just last Monday General Christopher Cavoli became Governor of Bavaria. Another military takeover and the end of the occupation. Piece by piece, Germany is being liberated. So the occupation construct FRG is ended more and more. Only few see and feel it! But that is no longer important! The confidence, the faith, the knowledge of a patriot, no matter where in the world, is enough for thousands of indoctrinated. Let us all keep our light upright and bright, then others can follow us! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are, like me, exactly in the place where the Creator and the Alliance have placed us!!!! Blessings to you from Germany. It is SO important to  remember that

Military, Military, Military

Today's post will be short because I am going away for a little break. Still posting though...! I am committed to posting every day. Today's headline says it all: Military, military, military. Of all the signs in recent months that we are reaching the end of this surreal movie, the rapidly escalating military presence around the world is a doozie. Recently a friend in Sydney reported military aircraft flying over his residence. Hasn't happened before. A friend in Minnesota emailed yesterday and said there is a huge number of military transport planes flying over his place. Highly unusual. MonkeyWerx maps all the military flight movements over USA - he is ex-military - and he is reporting unprecedented numbers of military aircraft. I believe this is it. The timing for major events to happen before 11th November is feeling very positive. Q always said,  'The military is the only way'.  Absolutely. I agree. The level of mind-control is so great with a large percentage

Chart Topper: 'Let's Go Brandon'

Top of the charts with ITunes is the Bryson Gray song, 'Let's Go Brandon'. How much more proof do we need that the Alliance is WINNING...?? A big crowd of NYC fire-fighters sings 'Let's Go Brandon' outside the mayor's mansion in protest against the jab mandates. Love it. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is re-routing stuck container ships to Florida. Great little video. Wow. An amazing Q proof with Fakebook's name change to Meta. BOOM. Candace Owens - awesome Light Warrior. This post about home-schooling signals the end of the old corrupt institutions. We The People are empowered. The stats say it all - 0.000% virus deaths among children aged 5 - 11. The jab was NEVER about the virus.