Police Graduation

Today I made a day trip to Wellington to attend the graduation of my younger daughter from Police College. It has been many months since I was on a plane - the climate has changed dramatically in NZ in that time. I was apprehensive but positive.

I got on the plane - the only unmasked person, as I expected - and found myself seated at the front beside a little girl wearing a mask. We chatted and it turned out she was travelling unaccompanied to Auckland (big trip) to spend time with her father. She was eight. I gently asked her who suggested that she wear a mask. She said her Mum. I said, equally gently, that it would be okay to take it off because she was under the age of 12. She took it off, grinned shyly at me and we chatted for the rest of the flight. Imagine if she had been seated beside one of the masked passengers. The masked flight attendant wasn't very solicitous of her welfare.

The Police College graduation ceremony was as to be expected - speeches etc. The highlight was an amazing haka (Maori war dance) by the male graduates. It was so powerful and so profound. I felt the incredible energy of those young men and imagined it being used for GOOD in our country. Those fine young graduates today - including my lovely daughter - could be part of the NEW Earth, the 5D world of peace where their role will be vastly different to the current role of policing.

It was surreal being out in the world in a (relatively) normal way for the last time. Harsh restrictions are being brought in here over the next few weeks - that was my last flight until the world changes. Restaurant meals will be a thing of the past shortly too for the un-jabbed. Many young NZers are very reluctantly succumbing to the jab to be part of summer social life - family gatherings, music festivals, clubs and restaurants. And do you know what..? No judgment on my part. They held out for as long as they could and I really admire them for it.

It's now late at night here in NZ. I wanted to write a general post and check in with you all.

Times are tough. But please know that you are not alone. Today I received several encouraging text messages from my Voices for Freedom friends. They knew that today might pose challenges for me around masks etc. In the end, it was fine. A winning smile goes a long way in a testing environment.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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