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Blossom Channels White Cloud

Blossom Goodchild channels White Cloud. It has been an amazing day for channeling, on this the first day of 2022 here in New Zealand. I want to personally thank James McConnell and Blossom for elevating my vibration today. I was tired. Now I am energized and excited. Thank you both! White Cloud talks about announcements/the Event at 20' 50". Enjoy. Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site. Happy New Year! Where We Go One We Go All. Love and Light Sierra

AAM Channeling: 'Fork In The Road'

This is a beautiful channeled message from Archangel Michael via James McConnell. The 'fork in the road' analogy perfectly explains the choices being made on the Earth plane right now. Enjoy. 'I am Archangel Michael. I come at this time to be with you. To be with you more, and more, and more. Myself and many others that are your guides that are working  with you are coming into your space, I will say, more and more. If you will become aware of those of us that are here to bring you forward, to continue to guide you. But up until now, many of you have had this guidance, but you did not fully believe that it was there. But in the times coming ahead, you will feel it more and more. Some will even see evidence of our arrival of our more full connection with all of you. And it will be in many various ways that this will happen. Some will see. Some will hear. Some will feel. The connection will be there regardless of how it comes to you. Just know that this is in process. This is

OWS: Trump Jab/EBS/QFS/Antarctica Tribunals

This channeling via James McConnell of One Who Serves and Shoshanna is riveting. They confirm details about President Trump and the jab...the Quantum Financial System...the Emergency Broadcast System...and Antarctica military tribunals. There is cause for great optimism after reading this channeling. The bold lettering is my doing for emphasis. Enjoy. OWS: ...We are ready and gearing up for  your next year, your New Year’s Eve celebration, and the new year that is coming. We will give just a bit of a hint here: what a year this is going to be in terms of truth coming forward. Get ready, because it is going to be quite astounding at times...  Guest:  ...I was just wondering if it is true that President Trump actually got the booster shot for vaccines. I didn’t think that he had any vaccine yet and I heard that he got a booster, and was wondering if that was true. OWS:  There is much information and misinformation that is being brought through here. And the truth is somewhere in the mid

Dark to LIGHT

A great reminder from Relentless Truth of how swiftly the narrative is changing. Dark to LIGHT. ALL IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS... - Omicron enters the scene. - Globalists panic and threaten Dark Winter. - Omicron sweeps through the world before they can shut everything down. - Army announces a super vaccine effective against all Covid variants, coronaviruses and SARS. - Biden admits failure and says there is no federal solution to Covid. - CNN claims masks are useless. - Quarantine time cut in half from 10 days to 5 days. - PCR tests are labeled unreliable by CDC. - Fauci admits that the majority of children in the hospital aren't there because of covid, they just happen to test positive while there for other reasons. Talk about a narrative shift... The intel is very hot around the coming week, leading up to 7th January. It is Orthodox Christmas - and interestingly, the Event channeling mentioned something happening around Christmas. Why would the White Ha

Scamdemic Almost Over

This intel came from Rockwell via email (he does an email newsletter). I think it's the best summary of the entire Scamdemic. It explains why President Trump is supporting the jab mandates - and most importantly it explains why the Scamdemic is about to end SOON.  Excerpt from Rockwell's Newsletter It really is amazing to see how everything is converging to this moment.   When you take all the puzzle pieces, it looks like the fake pandemic is about to be over.   No, seriously.   First of all the demented pedophile sharter told us there is no federal solution to covid.  The next day the CDC altered their quarantine protocol driven mostly by economic factors.   The gov't is starting to realize NO ONE is working, and they have possibly done IRREPARABLE damage to businesses and gov't agencies using covid as an excuse to crush the nation.    Here's how bad it is.   Grim Whitmer, destined for Gitmo or the gallows, signed a bill into effect which will allow cafeteria worke

Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty

BIG news - Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty of five of six charges. BOOM. Three of the world's top [s]atanists have been taken down. This is a great Victory for the Light - and a massive blow for the [D]eep [S]tate. · Maxwell victim and whistle-blower Virginia Giuffre took on the [D]eep [S]tate and won. So brave. It's not a full victory though - courts have ordered the Maxwell documents to be sealed, protecting the identities of the many famous [s]atanists who were involved in [E]pstein's heinous activities. Major back-tracking from the [D]eep [S]tate CDC - they now admit that the PCR tests are virtually useless. Robert Kennedy Jr is heroically fighting the jab companies - he explains why they are targeting children. No need for dangerous jabs - here is the sec