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Honk For Freedom...!

Great news - it seems that USA truckers are now organized and ready for their own convoy from California to Washington DC. Bring it on. The global Freedom Movement just got LOUD and proud. Now we have 'Honkening'. People are urged to toot their horns (honking) in support of freedom. I have already experienced this phenomenon. When I did Standing With Signs, there were many people tooting in support as they drove past us. It's so uplifting and encouraging. Conservative Canadian MP Candace Bergen called on Trudeau to speak to the patriotic peace-loving Canadians outside Parliament. BOOM. Trudeau did have some words to say from his hidey-hole. If you can't make it to the end of this one minute video of his BS speech, I would not be surprised. I barely did. Pepe Lives Matte

Message From Canadian Convoy Organizer

This Canadian truck convoy spokesman spoke with such passion and vision, I have given him a whole post to himself - and a lengthy transcription. The interviewer asked him, 'How long will this last...?' The spokesman looked at his watch and said... 'Well,, it's going to be summer soon, right...? We're in this for the long haul...the thing is with trucks, they're designed to be on the road for an indefinite period of time. If you keep fuel in them, they can sit there for weeks and months. And now we have...over 8 million dollars worth of fuel, so how long....2023...2024...(laughter) We're doing it because we need change. We need to be UNIFIED for the first time. We need to understand - the enemy is not EACH OTHER...We're all a unified country. The enemy, or the problem, is the political class pushing us into serfdom. If you don't speak up now and you don't get engaged, this is not going to

Ottawa: 150,000 Trucks, 2.3 Million People

Latest stats from Ottawa - an estimated 150,000 trucks and 2.3 million people on foot.  The Canadian truckers are prepared to dig into their position for WEEKS. The jabbed truckers are supporting their un-jabbed colleagues. And all the truckers signed a Code of Conduct that they will act peacefully. This is 5D revolution, my friends. Here is a trucker's viewpoint (short video). We love you guys! This little video of Ottawa at night - fireworks, vehicle horns - proves that revolution can be productive AND peaceful. Let's pray that it stays that way worldwide. The Ottawa crowd sings 'O Canada'. Thrilling to see so many happy people standing up for FREEDOM. It is now clear to Light Warriors that the Alliance warned us to stock up because they knew there would be supply chain issues because of the global truc

President Trump's Campaign Rally