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Fake Ukraine War

Okay, first up - please forgive my cynical sense of humor today but this post really appealed to me. Hollywood actors Sean Penn and Steven Seagal are both prominently involved on the ground at the 'Ukraine war'. Oooh, so dangerous, be careful guys. Yeah, right. Yawn. Fake war. An excellent little video that PROVES Russia is destroying [D]eep [S]tate bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Please pass it on. Further details in this post about the [D]eep [S]tate activities in Ukraine and why the [s]atanic World Economic Forum is fiercely condemning Putin's 'invasion'. The DS is in its death throes and we all know it. Anon BeachMilk gives us a little history lesson that has important relevance to the current situation in Ukraine. A reminder of what countries are in the Alliance - it

[D]eep [S]tate Sets Up Jab Death Narrative

This New Zealand cardiologist is so evil, it is sickening. And sleepers will TRUST him because he is a 'Professor'. Read this article - and every time you see the word 'Covid', change it to 'The jab'. The [D]eep [S]tate medical profession is setting up the narrative for jab heart attack/stroke deaths by blaming it on 'Covid'. How do these evil people sleep at night, knowing the murderous lies they are spreading to vulnerable people...?   I have been thinking about the previous post (Brilliant Summary of the Plandemic). As a former mainstream media journalist, it is utterly shocking to me (but not surprising, sadly) that the mainstream media CREATED the Plandemic out of thin air. Not only that, they sustained it every day for over TWO YEARS - all at the behest of the [D]eep [S]tate. Humanity must be inf

Brilliant Explanation For Plandemic

This is a brilliant explanation for the Plandemic. Please pass it on - EVERYONE needs to read it. I found it on Rumor Mills, published by Mr Ed. Patriot Teri Hinkle - Explains How There Is No Covid and How These People Are Really Dying - THE FACTS !!! Re: A Message From The Vice President JFK Jr. 2/22/2022 THAT'S THE PROBLEM, NOBODY IS WAKING UP AND UNDERSTANDING AT ALL. THERE WAS NO COVID, IS NO COVID. DID PEOPLE DIE? YES. WERE THEY SICK? YES so what made them sick and what made them die? It's so simple, really. First would the ELITE EVER RELEASE A DEADLY VIRUS ON THE WORLD POPULATION KNOWING THEY AND THEIRS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO IT? HELL NO!! Did they already have a cure for said deadly virus? NO, THEY DIDN'T NEED ONE. All they had to do was ANNOUNCE that a deadly virus had started in WuHan and was spreading around the world... comes mass criminals like Fauci, Tedros, Gates, Schwab, etc. plus the MOCKINGBIRD ME

Blossom Goodchild Latest Channelling

 Blossom Goodchild's latest channelling of the Federation of Light has interesting information about the worldwide lockdown. Please use your discernment as with any channelled message. If it FEELS true for you, then it is your truth. Hello, my friends. You were right, the house you ‘chose’ for me is indeed a Sanctuary! I feel so comfortable here. Thank you. Now then, your news of a worldwide lockdown has reached far and wide, it seems. Yet, you have been speaking of the lockdown for a long time. It’s the introduction of ‘Fergus the Fungus’ that has intrigued many. Are you able to elaborate, or not? Warmest of Greetings. We too, feel this new abode has wonderful prospects for you, especially regarding the Energies, typically for our communications. We are happy you are happy there. Regarding the lockdown, yes indeed, it has been spoken of often by us. What is ‘useful’ to know is that ‘whatever is presented’ as a reason to bring this about is merely a deploy. The tactics used are a d