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Putin: End of US Dollar As Global Reserve

Top billing goes to Putin signaling the end of the US Dollar as global reserve currency. Cue (Q) the imminent collapse of the financial markets after this statement. BOOM. This CNN story proves that the MSM is in a major panic. They are being forced to report the TRUTH about Hunter's laptop. There is a realistic chance this could result in federal charges, then of course we'd be in unprecedented POLITICAL territory, not just legal territory - a situation of potentially having the Justice Department prosecuting and trying to imprison the son of the President..' (CNN) Tucker Carlson from Fox News interviewed Tony Bobulinksi, Hunter [B]iden's former business partner, in October 2020. Bobulinksi made it clear that Joe [B]iden knew all about his son's corrupt business dealings and LIED. The TRUTH has been out there for a long time, ignored by the rest of the MSM - until

Ascension Thoughts Update

There are some great comments today regarding Ascension symptoms. Rather than answer each comment, I want to give my thoughts in a post... Firstly, the sense of unreality here in 3D Land is deepening on a daily basis. Waking up each morning, back into it again...yes, it's absolutely challenging, no doubt about it. After I have been up for a while, I always slot into my day and it progresses. But every morning, just like Groundhog Day, I wake up and think, 'Here we go much longer...???' Like impatient children on a long car ride, we Light Warriors constantly wonder, 'How much longer...?' We are waiting, it is as simple as that. It would be contrary to say that we are not waiting because we ARE waiting. It might be productive waiting, sometimes creative, often plodding, but it is waiting nonetheless. Losing interest in 3D pursuits is definitely an issue for me too. I think that's why I am enjoying board and card games. For a couple of hours I get compl

Hunter's Laptop In Congressional Record

Republican Senator Matt Gaetz has successfully entered the hard drive of Hunter [B]iden's laptop into the Congressional Record. Many Anons believe that the contents of the laptop is enough to bring down the entire [D]eep [S]tate. Q said,  'We have it all.'  Subpoena Hunter [B]iden. BOOM. Here is media confirmation that Hunter [B]iden bankrolled bio-weapon labs in Ukraine. Oh, it's Russian media, by the way. Please don't look to most Western MSM for the truth about the [B]idens. Q said,   'Trust Grassley'.   Senator Chuck Grassley just spoke out in the Senate about the [B]iden corruption. A reminder that Q said, ' Gold will end the Fed...'   Russia and gold - BIG news, Light Warriors. Mainstream media gave extensive coverage to the memorial servi

One Channeling: Financial System Collapse

An absolute DO NOT MISS new channeling from One via Sophia Love. He talks about the imminent collapse of the financial system. Good news - Sophia said that One will be channeling more frequently from now on. March 29, 2022 It is the One. There are things to say. These things concern your re-construct and rebuild phase. They concern your system of money. You are aware of money as a debt instrument, a system of your slavery and a necessity. You are fighting all battles around this thing. It is a construct. It could be anything. In truth, one form of it has no superiority over another form, except by its scarcity. That which is scarce, is deemed superior in value and therefore worth collecting. This is why the controllers hold most of it. This is why the citizens hold the least of it. This is why the monetary system is set up the way it is – to favor those who have most of it, while depleting the life force from the rest of the populace as they work. Work to at

Florida Governor DeSantis: Heroic

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stands out as an heroic Light Warrior. He has just signed the Parental Rights In Education Bill. It secures the rights of parents to parent their children without state interference. In his speech, Ron DeSantis confronted the [D]eep [S]tate head-on without flinching... I don't care what corporate media outlets say, I don't care what Hollywood says, I don't care what big corporations say. Here I stand. I'm not backing down.' (Ron DeSantis) Here he is again in the same speech, calling out Hollywood and naming Harvey Weinstein. God protect Ron DeSantis. My friend Lance follows Dave at X22 Report. Dave's reports are excellent - I followed them years ago when I had time to watch videos. Here are Lance's thoughts about Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader, after watching a recent X22 Report. Many Anons believe that Kim Jong-un is w