Nunes On The Durham Trial

A riveting 8 min interview segment with Devin Nunes about Durham's upcoming trial of top [C]linton lawyer Michael Sussmann. Nunes believes the trial has the potential to bring down the entire DNC, including [O]bama and [B]iden. Total vindication for President Trump. Bring it on...!

Short Fox News video of Durham going into court. BOOM.

Project Veritas with another superb undercover expose. A senior engineer at Twitter admits that Twitter censors free speech and is 'commie as f--k...'

Love this little clip of Justice Clarence Thomas joking about how poorly the media does its job. Brilliant.

Great news - MacDonalds is permanently exiting Russia after 30 years. It's probably been that long since I last ate that food.

Cowboyw2b from Anonup re-posted a cool meme. D5 is the top category of severity in avalanches - and NCSWIC is Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. Indeed...!

Whoever made this, I like it.

Finally, after six months, Allison Coe has produced a new client regression video. It is fascinating and includes several references to Ascension throughout. It can be comfortably watched at 1.25 speed. Enjoy.

Ben Fulford's report in the previous post summarizes the depth and breadth of the Alliance operation. You can see why the term Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming is the perfect motto for the Alliance. There is ample cause for Light Warriors to feel excited about coming events.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Allison Coe video says 2 more years till event . Frankly I feel betrayed as I have heard this all years ago.. nesara would fact not her fault but Allison had a client via higher self adamant the solar flash would happen Spring 2018
    Her client a yr ago said ships wld land this spring take off people who couldn't handle the wave and event wld happen early summer 2022 .. I hear nesara is always about to happen..I am at a pt now if nothing happens this month we have by psy oped...always a reason galactics can't intervene galactic codex BS... I was optimistic but at this slow pace.. it could be years Sierra ...Durham just now going to court . 2000 Mules media won't even mention is the collective ever to awaken ?? I want to believe but having read Ben Fulford each week and seeing him say last summer all would be done last fall and now here we are spring entering summer soon.. special forces have had plenty of time to take them out...all the satanic elite take.them out ...take over the mass media we are at war are we not??

    1. Doug, I sincerely believe that it won't be years. Pragmatically, President Trump will win the mid-terms so we are at least seeing victory before the end of this year. I believe it will happen well before then. We Light Warriors can contribute to victory by staying positive and not giving in to doubt.

  2. The Durham meme looks like "Old Man Winter" - ready to huff and puff and blow the house down.


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