Poof: President Trump's Return

The latest channeling from Poof is encouraging - and he talks about President Trump's imminent return.

Greetings and Salutations.

Today we have this for you. The gatherings going on around the world are all about making alternative agendas, different plans, ways to salvage the intention to gain control of all the people around the planet.

The plans that were put in place have not worked out and the truth is they aren’t going to work out but you aren’t through with the dirt and grime yet; there are some false flags and issues that are yet to play out.

Steer clear of shots and vaccines and all the medical stuff that you do not need; those are part of the arsenal from the folks who think they know best. They don’t and they are not in the position to win as they had intended. All contrived manipulations will ultimately fail. Just stop wasting your time on why and how and when.

The engaged scenario will play out as it is needed. There are efforts in place to shield and to make good the plans that are waiting for the right time. No one has the signal nor the gong bell to say when; no one; it can’t be; there are too many agencies and too many underhanded scenarios yet being played out to give you that. Even so, the better plans ahead are going to make your days much more positive and you will gain the long awaited goods. Just hang in to the end. If you think your life is shortened by all that has happened, then do a will and provide for your offspring to share
in your long awaited goods.

Trump is coming back and doing it soon. Just stop sweating that; it's all part of the plan. He has the means and the strength to do it; but the timing has to be when the military and others are ready to pounce. (Poof)

Here is the full segment of Melania Trump's interview with Fox News. When asked her thoughts on a possible return to the White House, she smiled and said, 'Never say never...' She is a beautiful, dignified, intelligent woman who was treated with appalling disrespect by the corrupt MSM. Enjoy this 8 min interview.

Finally, a reminder of the importance of Unity Consciousness. It is vital that we Light Warriors remain a united front during the end phase of the Alliance operation. Do not be drawn into divisive attitudes.

We need to AVOID this trap…..it’s what they want us to do.

I was fortunate to experience the Lunar Moon Eclipse thanks to the thoughtfulness of my friend Jim in Minnesota. During our weekly Skype call today, he took his phone outside and I got to see the amazing eclipse. It was a stunning evening, clear sky, a great experience. Thanks Jim!

If you are feeling tired, out of sorts and getting irritated by little annoyances, join the club. The Lunar Eclipse energies seem to amplify emotions, throwing up challenges at every turn. The antidote is to pause, re-group, practice gratitude and lighten the situation with humor. This too will pass. Everything does.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Poof said. Love it .. excellent update .. can't wait for it all to be disclosed and all to see what we have seen for so so long now!

    1. It was an excellent update from Poof - backed by an equally excellent report from Ben Fulford in the latest post. It's happening...!


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