President Trump: Arrest HRC

President Trump calls for Hillary [C]linton's arrest in this short Truth Social video. BOOM.

A reminder that President Trump urged everyone to be peaceful at Capitol Hill on 6th January but Twitter removed his tweets. Treason was committed that day - by Twitter.

Wow. A NASA spokesperson admits that NASA has NEVER been to the moon, thereby acknowledging the fake moon landing. As someone commented below the video, we were expected to believe that a dune buggy fitted into the little Apollo capsule that supposedly landed on the moon? Yet we DID accept it at the time. No one questioned the narrative back then. Today we Light Warriors know that the [D]eep [S]tate has colonized the Moon and Mars for decades. 

Dr [F]auci (remember him...??) in a video talking about the low uptake of the smallpox jab when it was introduced. Smallpox and monkeypox are in the same family. Watch this space.

Here is PROOF that the CDC is IN on the Plandemic - stocking up on smallpox jabs for everyone in USA.

Awesome Light Warrior Candace Owens condemns Bill [G]ates in a strongly-worded post. Go her. Remember, [Ga]tes 'predicted' another pandemic, then goodness me, along comes Monkeypox right on cue. Some Anons are calling it Moneypox.

A reminder of WHY Monkeypox has suddenly appeared like magic. 'Look here, not there...'

Excellent meme - the battle cry of Light Warriors all over the world.

I so agree with these wise words from one of my favorite Anons...

Corruption in politics doesn't scare me as much as how comfortable people are at staying silent and doing nothing about it.

Finally, some much-needed light relief about the Monkeypox BS. Enjoy.

Currently, Mercury is Retrograde, during an intense time of powerful incoming energies. It seems that chaos is rampant in people's lives with issues related to computers, phones, cars, and communication. Go easy on yourself. Right now, you are doing the best you can. Some days are better than others.

Find the joy wherever possible. I am going back to dancing tonight after a long absence. I love dancing. It's a very 5D activity. Whatever you love to do, make time for it now.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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