Q Drop Reality Check

A reminder from one of the first Q drops - the truth would put 99% of people in hospital. 

That is why the Alliance is taking a measured approach in disseminating the truth to humanity. Remember how sick you felt when you first dived deep into the rabbit holes? Multiple that by 1000 and you have the indescribable shock that would be experienced by the average sleeper. And they will have had no time to gradually acclimate to the horrific scale of evil, the way we Light Warriors have.

Pfizer continues with their murderous mission to jab children under five years old, an age group that has experienced virtually ZERO deaths from [C]ovid. Heinous.

This is one heroic Light Warrior father who refuses to sit back and do nothing. We Are With You.

An intuitive blog reader did a 'reading' on the latest Poof channeled message (previous post). He found it to be 100% accurate. I instinctively felt the same way - it was good to get his confirmation.

Stay positive, Light Warriors. Our long journey is about to bear fruit. Remember, you are NOT alone. There are millions of us worldwide, steadily holding the Light for humanity. We signed on for this mission. We knew it would be challenging, especially towards the end when we would be beyond weary. But - we are STILL here.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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