QSR: Tide Is Turning

Excellent QSR from Telegram (23rd May). The tide is turning, Light Warrior friends. It really is...!

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☝️ NOBODY SHOWED UP AT THE DAVOS GROUP MEETING!(SEVERAL CELEBRITY'S AND WORLD LEADERS DECLINED TO ATTEND THIS YEAR...THE DAVOS GROUP A.K.A WEF> A K A World ELITEs from the richest families that CONTROL BLACKROCK AND VANGUARD ( THE CABAL) CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM THAT CONTROLS BIG TECH AND BIG PHARMA AND THE PANDEMIC> UK cabinet minister – once a Davos regular – said the meeting had ceased to be relevant. “It has become ridiculous,” ____Tides are turning!!!!!!People/ELITES are rejecting the illuminati cult DAVOS GROUP and don't want to be affiliated ...( It seems they don't want to be connected when shit hits the fan.!!!!)Post 2

With no A-listers, can Davos still play a part on the global stage? | Davos 2022 | The Guardianhttps://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/may/22/can-davos-with-no-a-listers-still-play-a-part-on-the-global-stagePost 3

>So the CABAL/FAUCI/WHO/controlled by the DAVOS GROUP are using one of their last cards to play.....> Play the MONKEYPOX card and start the next pandemic...../// This accident happened months ago... But they are planning and blaming this accident... But initially [ they] ordered last year millions of vaccines doses for the MONKEYPOX > CDC/who <and BILL GATES WARNED several times of Small pox or MONKEYPOX outbreak////( It's all PLANNED... The next PLANDEMIC.. Now they want to vote on W.H.O. controlling world health and have Military powers and complete control over society)/)/)More the truth... AstraZeneca and other vaccines have the MONKEYPOXWoman who helped after truck carrying monkeys crashed has fallen ill after monkey hissed at her | The Independenthttps://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/monkeys-cdc-pennsylvania-crash-b2000717.htmlPost 4

[ WaPo ](WASHINGTON POST)________>)WIRES:; MILITARY ( LAW OF WAR ) currently has WaPo in the KILL BOX [    🎯   ]> EXPECT BLACKHAT >Jeff Bezos< to start coming out against the PLANDEMIC/free speech censorship in weeks and months//))_TURNCOAT_____Lots happening behind the scenes.....Tides turning

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[THEY] KNEWhttps://thenationalpulse.com/2022/05/22/wuhan-assembled-monkeypox-strains/?s=09

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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