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ROCKEFELLER: HOW ONE MAN TOOK DOWN AMERICABillyJones BITCHUTE Channelhttps://www.bitchute.com/video/mp5l6MsL6nwf/Post 2

'Such Courage': Trump Praises Texas GOP For Disavowing Result Of 2020 Presidential Electionhttps://www.zerohedge.com/political/such-courage-trump-praises-texas-gop-disavowing-result-2020-presidential-electionPost 3

Former President Donald Trump has praised the Texas GOP for adopting a platform on June 18 that rejected the results of the 2020 presidential election.“Wow! Look at the Great State of Texas and their powerful Republican Party Platform on the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud,”  Trump_____Georgia is next 💥Is all just beginning the.... The tidesPost 4


🔴 Former Cattle Owner in Kansas Explains Reason Behind Viral Video Showing Thousands of Dead Cattlehttps://resistthemainstream.org/former-cattle-owner-in-kansas-explains-reason-behind-viral-video-showing-thousands-of-dead-cattle/?utm_source=telegramPost 5


Pentagon Wants Elon Musk To Drop Soldiers Into Conflict From Spacehttps://www.zerohedge.com/military/pentagon-wants-elon-musk-drop-soldiers-conflict-spacePost 6


🔴 Dr. Oz Ousts Trump from Campaign Site Amid Big Political Winhttps://resistthemainstream.org/dr-oz-ousts-trump-from-campaign-site-amid-big-political-win/?utm_source=telegramPost 7


🔴 Texas GOP Passes Resolution Declaring Biden ‘Not Legitimately Elected’https://resistthemainstream.org/texas-gop-passes-resolution-declaring-biden-not-legitimately-elected/?utm_source=telegramPost 8


JUST IN - German parliament votes to abolish paragraph 219a, thus advertising for abortions is now permitted.@disclosetvPost 9


BREAKING: EU leaders agree ‘candidate status’ for Ukraine, Moldova: MichelMore: https://cutt.ly/hKQzCLtFollow @insiderpaperPost 10


Russia Is Still Earning More Than $100 Million Every Day From Oil Sales To Europehttps://www.zerohedge.com/markets/russia-still-earning-more-100-million-every-day-oil-it-sells-europe

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>How do you [COLLAPSE] a world CABAL that controls central banking systems, big PHARMA, big tech, WAR MONGERS,that control deep state Military within all world military regimen?.>How do you [EXPOSE] the corruption of world leaders, the EU Elite societies, > that created NATO, UN ( fake peace keepers that steal  wealth, exploit their natural resources)?_____[COLLAPSE]__The EU SUPER POWER has been denied by INDIA and Malaysia Indonesia large portions of Africa in their constant fear campaign to wage WARS to Create revenue and money from world countries in their fake agendas to gather sympathetic following in their deep state operations.>Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the Indian foreign minister, said that Europe should grow out of the mindset that its problems are the world’s problems.“The world cannot be that Eurocentric that it used to be in the past,” he said."Why would anybody in Asia trust Europe on anything at all,” he added.//)/ Behind the scenes several countries are aligning with Russia/China and Rejecting the EU super power and NATO/EU rhetoric ////(This SUPER POWER of EU controlled by the Rockefellers/ROTHSCHILDs/DAVOS GROUP ECT ECT ECT who control BLACKROCK & VANGUARD (worlds top investors firm that control the industry and economy in all Central Banking systems ) is in the verge of COLLAPSE....     ANONS/freedom FIGHTERS/Truth Tellers /world Patriots have been leaking the truth of economic world collapse since last year and been WARNING all that the World Markets reports are fake and the central banking system is inside a MAJOR collapse.... Only till 16 months later does EU Deutsche bank CEO admit a recession is happening ( they had lied for months of FALSE economic reports and growth)            Blame the RUSSIAs for the collapse story is falling apart as Asian countries drop the propaganda and start denying EU super power in their claim for donations .......I reported two months ago that several countries inside NATO ( generals inside the countries are fighting within their regimen and their Leaders (//// this conflict is coming more evident as DEEP STATE MONEY is disappearing by the days and weeks and months .....The USD ( United States Dollar) is the world Reserve currency .... Almost every Nation across the world holds the USD as a secure asset!But now it's becoming clear to several Nations the EU SUPER POWER Connected to the USD is COLLAPSING..... As several leaders through the Americas deny BIDEN REGIMEN of support and attending invites .... Several middle eastern countries have cut off oil to the U.S..EU and their USD.....The U.S. and all it's wealth and every asset is worth 193 Trillion... (But the U.S debt is 90 Trillion+U.S. Unfunded liabilities is 169 Trillion =259 Trillion Debt )  259 Trillion Debt-193 Trillion U.S. wealth & All assets_66 Trillion Debt.____The world countries are seeing the [ COLLAPSE]  in real time..... And PANIC is hitting everywhere..... The DEEP STATE in EU is finally admitting they have no money and U.S is inside COLLAPSE and nobody wants the USD.The COLLAPSE of the CENTRAL banking system connected to USD is in free fall....And there  is no more money to fund the WAR MONGERS/PAYING OFF HALF OF MILITARY GENERALS TO OK WARS...... Their is no money currently for FUNDING U.S. MILITARY/ food/travel/pension/ or oil/gas for military vehicles...... The money is disappearing faster than people can imagine ?The U.S Military is denying Biden REGIMEN to artillery to send to UKRAINE and EU.___This COLLAPSE HAPPENING is exposing the DEEP STATE at the Deepest roots as they turn on each other.. Dog eat dog.____Behind the scenes a QUINTILLION in gold is stored inside CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN, PLACED THEIR BY +TRUMP+ WHITE HATS MILITARY+Q OPSIn due time ( TRUMP ♦️♠️)A Golden age......__Inside the StormNCSWICPost 12





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