First Arrest....Obama...?

Bingo...! Here is a potential Alliance strategy for the FBI raid on President Trump's house. Many Anons believe that [O]bama could be the first big arrest - the shot heard around the world. I agree that it is possible.

The FBI raid has played right into the hands of the Alliance. It has motivated Americans to vote in the November election. We know who they will be voting for. BOOM.

Yet another reminder that we are watching a scripted movie. This little interaction between [B]iden and [P]elosi (who thought she was off mic) says it all. Pelosi's response regarding should [B]iden take questions: 'We don't want him to talk...' As many comments said below the video: 'Who is WE...???' Excellent question. Who IS the puppet master pulling [P]elosi and [B]iden's strings. Methinks it is most likely the Alliance. many people in USA actually KNOW where Ukraine is...???

Closer to (my) is a chilling little video filmed in a grave-yard in Oamaru, a rural New Zealand town. Wow, that is a lot of fresh graves in a short time-span for such a small town. As someone commented below the video, this doesn't even factor in cremations which are popular in NZ.

A doctor explains that mass psychosis is the reason why family members are not publicly outraged over the sudden deaths of their young loved ones due to the jab. Sadly, this explanation makes sense.

Sheer hypocrisy - the CDC has issued new official guidance that states [C]ovid is now an 'individual decision'. Wow. Where did all the mandates, job losses etc suddenly disappear to...?? Shocking.

Oh my goodness, [T]witter is at it again - they are bringing back their draconian censorship ahead of the November mid-term election. Someone needs to pull the plug on [T]witter asap.

This she/he/they person can re-label all she/he/they want - a pedophile will always be a pedophile, not a 'minor attracted person'.

Please, please take three minutes to watch this inspiring story from an Australian college where cell-phones are banned except for use during lessons. It has transformed the lives of the children. And I bet it has saved a few from suicide too. This is how it was when my daughters were at school. We played board games as a family. I still play board games twice a week, with two lovely Light Warrior friends. It's relaxing and fun.

If you are not familiar with Admiral Byrd's extraordinary flight INSIDE the Earth, take the time to watch this video.
Admiral Byrd Discovered New Land in Antarctica that Nobody Ever Talks about
In 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd was summoned to Washington, D.C. and questioned extensively about his claims that he had entered a hole in the Antarctic ice and found an advanced ancient civilization. He was ordered never to mention the finding or to reveal his discovery to the public. He obeyed until days before his death. Here is part of the story...


Finally, some dark humor to lighten the mood. Bearing in mind, behind this meme lies the shattered lives of hundreds (if not thousands) of young women - and still [E]pstein's client list has not been made public. Disgusting.

It will now be clear to Light Warriors that the Alliance is coming to the culmination of their masterful 'long game' against the [D]eep [S]tate. The Alliance has ALWAYS been in full control.

I would recommend that you sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You will do well to maintain a 40,000 foot perspective at all times - and to laugh often. We beat the DS at their own game when we laugh because they have no sense of humor.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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