QSR Telegram: 12th August

 Great QSR Telegram post from 12th August.

FALSE FLAG MONTH (s)FBI CIA LOOKING HARD TO PROTECT DEMOCRATS AND DEEP STATE......//))Censorship ramping up in big tech before elections.../// We All know what's happening..... And the Cover ups...Keep pushing PATRIOTS world wide and sharing information to people........ Word of mouth brings people to research on their own and begin going down the rabbit hole/////________In other behind the scenes NEWS>lots of test flights happening in in Nevada . California. France. Sweden.....( Several black project bases that ALL lead back to 1957 when the U.S military gained knowledge of anti- gravity propulsion systems ....)///FAKE ALIEN INVASIONPROJECT BLUE BEAMECT ECT.☝️ this may sound stupid to many... But their is a reason world news and Pentagon and more UFO sightings has increased and deliberately being fed to the masses recently_______Remember DEEP STATE operative Wernher von Braun who help create NASA (NAZI 4rth beginnings after operation paperclip) gave details on;>Making Russia an enemy>Making terrorist from third world countries an enemy>Creating FAKE Astroid impacts>Alien invasion using MEDIA. And hidden military technology______The REAL TRUTH is simple..REAL CONTACT HAPPENED LONG AGO....But the FAKE ALIEN INVASION is happening.....( Theirs a reason Hollywood has been brainwashing the public for decades on Allen invasion and painting aliens as EVIL bad dark beings .......)///______I don't talk about this subject much here in telegram...it doesn't serve the current circumstances pertaining to the current> COLLAPSE(but I will drop notes and insights more often coming up as world black ops begin moving these fake UFO crafts to create next fear mongering)///_________What I can tell you.. And the CIA. And head intelligence .. CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE does know is>>>>there is something faster than the speed of light!!!<Your>MIND.CONSCIOUSNESSCan fold light years in an INSTANT<______you have a wrong perception that all Other life forms have arms and legs and visible body..There is much to learn inside The Great AWAKENING______Your MIND can rearrange Atoms and molecules ..,...The Great AWAKENING is not being Woke or AWAKE ( THESE ARE FALSE STATES)....... AWAKENING meanings you are still waking up....... And this takes time... Lots of time to truly understand the miraculous mind that is connected to a greater profound intelligence _ _ _ ( name it what you will)But you are seeing the true fight across the world of Good And EVIL. .... As millions are dying though bio-weapons ( vaccines. Real bio-weapons released Sars ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT...../) WARS. Poisoning of foods through chemicals in the Industries......... The EVIL that is killing humanity purposefully for a DARK AGENDA is being revealed....... LIGHT IS SHINING UPON THE HIDDEN DARKNESSKeep FAITH.GO(O)D WINS_________INTO THE STORM A SPARROW FLYS THROUGH THE HURRICANE

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. Exactly! God showed me that the "miracles" Jesus did were because he had control over the elements. The Bible says we're to have dominion (authority) over all things of the earth. So, when Jesus reached into the baskets to hand out the loves of bread and fish, he "multiplied" them by manipulating the atoms and molecules that are everywhere around us, and thus created new fish and bread each time he reached in. We are only limited by our minds and when ascension occurs great things will happen!

    1. I agree with you - we are only limited by our minds. If we TRULY believed, without a shred of doubt, that we could teleport on the Earth plane...we would. We have trained ourselves to believe it is impossible. Ascension will bring miracles....!


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