Russia About To Expose Scamdemic

Excellent newsletter from Clandestine - Russia is about the blow the Scamdemic sky high. BOOM.


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    1. Thanks very much, Caroline. I am grateful for your steady presence in this community.

  2. Ok here's my question about cv19 if no lab has ever isolated it how is it that it was created?? The normal flu went away anyone with the normal flu was coded as cv19. Again no lab isolated cv19 so did it ever exist?? If yes then who proved it where is the isolated sample?? I think it was all a psy op they used 5G.. and other technologies to induce flu like symptoms ...

    1. Doug, this is a BIG question. There is no definitive answer, but it's possible that the jab WAS the virus. Or everyone just got seasonable flu and it was relabeled as CV19. Remember there was virtually no seasonal flu worldwide in 2020.


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