The FBI Raid Explained

Starship Earth sums it up best - the FBI raid on President Trump's residence is the apex of the storm. Could President Trump be the first arrest..? Remember at all times: you are watching a movie. This entire operation is scripted by the Alliance and most of the [D]eep [S]tate activity we are witnessing is controlled by the Alliance.

President Trump's update on the FBI raid. As Cue always said, 'You cannot tell the people; you have to show them..' President Trump is informing the American people about the depth and scale of corruption in the DS swamp.

President Trump has massive support from the American people. Crowds flocked to his home upon hearing about the FBI raid.

The MSM is reporting the TRUTH - the judge who approved the FBI raid is linked to [E]pstein. Many Anons believe that all DS roads lead to [E]pstein. It seems to be unfolding that way.

Here is President Trump's latest video again. Take the time to watch. What do you see straight off...? An incoming storm. What happens towards the end of the video...? The film lighting turns from dark to Light - one of Cue's favorite expressions. Dark to LIGHT.

How much proof do we need that we are watching a scripted movie..? You can't go past [B]iden's attempt to navigate his way into his own jacket then needing to be rescued (again) by his wife. Scripted, folks. He's just stepped out of a helicopter, cameras everywhere.

Both President Trump and Ron DeSantis used the phrase 'Banana Republic' in posts today. They are seeding the American people with the truth of just how low their country has sunk in international terms, and in general quality of life. Leading First World nation no more. Total humiliation.

The tide is turning with American voters. Even die-hard Democrats are seeing the Light. He is brave admitting that he is a Democrat in this current climate.

Finally, President Trump always said 'The Best Is Yet To Come...'. He did not promise a walk in the park at the end because this is war. But he knows that humanity will definitely come out on the winning side. WE'VE GOT THIS.

These are extraordinary times, Light Warriors. I am a Cue follower and have been since the first drop. It is exciting to see the Cue intel being confirmed in real time, right before our eyes. The Cue insider intel has been a vital component in the Alliance war. We Anons/Light Warriors have been able to follow the progression of the operation. It has given us the confidence and strength to keep going, no matter what the [D]eep [S]tate throws at us.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Thank you Sierra...what did 17 say would happen next what is the order of the battle?

    1. Whatever happens next, Doug, will be shocking enough to wake up the sleepers - i.e. the shot heard around the world. It might be the arrest of President Trump. We will see...

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    1. Grazie Franco - lovely to hear from you...!


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