Tribute To President Trump

This post opens with a tribute to a great Light Warrior, President Trump.

Please take three minutes to watch this compilation video of MSM headlines with bizarre reasons for the global rise in heart attacks, strokes and sudden death. The lies are nasty, given the real reason for the deaths (the jab) - and tragically many people will believe them. 

I have published this data before, but it bears repeating. This graphic shows how much money USA hospitals made from EACH [C]ovid patient. It's sickening and outrageous - a formula for genocide.

A stark reminder of the recent deaths of SIX young Canadian doctors within two weeks, just days after their fourth jab.

In case you were wondering about the jab status of the head of the WHO, here is your answer...

A WHO spokesperson refused to talk to a journalist about Taiwan. He just terminated the call!

The UN [D]eep [S]tate has declared war on us 'conspiracy theorists' for daring to suggest that they - the secret global elite - exist. Hmmm. They are outing themselves now.

Here's someone who is NOT afraid of the [D]eep [S]tate - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, staunch supporter and friend of President Trump  (16 " video).

Incoming Red Wave, my friends. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. NOTHING.

Meanwhile the supposed USA President had a mind-blank (so what's new...??), forgetting that he IS the President. You are watching a scripted movie. Nothing else makes sense (a bit like [B]iden).

No wonder Floridians love their Governor - Ron DeSantis has SUSPENDED Attorney General Warren for flouting state laws. This is how to take down the [D]eep [S]tate. BOOM.

Predictive programming from 2017 movie The Circle. The character ingests a sensor in a liquid then is fitted with a Fitbit type device so she can be tracked. Remember, the dark forces must warn us ahead of time about their evil plans. The problem is, everyone thinks of it as 'entertainment', therefore not to be taken seriously.

There are no words in this meme, yet we know what those symbols represent: [C]ovid...Ukraine...Monkeypox...Climate Change. That's how effective the DS media brain-washing has been. Soon, this kind of evil propaganda will be a thing of the past. The MSM tide is turning.

Finally, a meme to remind Light Warriors of our role in the Alliance plan to liberate humanity. We are here to support, with unconditional love, the people around us.

Thank you for your prayers and advice for my lovely friend R. She is slowly improving in her recovery from severe shingles. She's a passionate Light Warrior activist - nothing will keep her down...!


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Orban: "I have come to Texas." Good for him and Texas! ...... I'll be back there soon! 😃 DD

    1. Yay...! Enjoy Texas for me, DD. I could do with some of their lovely sunshine right now.

    2. When I'm resettled there, I'll send you an invite. 😄

    3. Thanks DD. I am so glad you will be somewhere with better weather...


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