NZ Hospital Whistle-blowers

Opening this post with an interview with two Kiwi whistle-blowers who worked in the Accident and Emergency department at a New Zealand hospital. Their direct testimony of the devastating effects of the jab on people of all ages cannot be denied. The video is 37 minutes - don't speed it up, and please pass it on. These two women, Joanne and Fiona, are brave Light Warriors.

'You should never be afraid to tell the truth...It's sad, especially with the children...' (Joanne).

Meanwhile the TRUTH is making a huge global impact. President Trump's social media platform Truth Social is poised to overtake [F]acebook. BOOM.

Speaking of [F]akebook, it is alleged that the CDC accepted a 15 million dollar 'gift' from FB to spread [C]ovid propaganda. If proven, this will be a direct link between FB and global genocide.

President Trump explained in a post exactly what happened when the FBI raided his home.

Remember [F[auci...? Here he is in a recent interview, JOKING about inventing [C]ovid. He laughs along with the host, while the muzzled audience members try to laugh along too. This is an example of pure evil.

On an entirely different subject, note how banks are making us jump through hoops to withdraw our OWN MONEY. The incoming Quantum Financial System (QFS) will make such corruption a thing of the past - forever.

Interesting intel about the 'Corn full moon'. There have been many tweets from the Alliance in recent years about corn, particularly from Chuck Grassley. Cue said to TRUST GRASSLEY.

Grassley posts about The Field of Dreams...

The Full Corn Moon is on 9/10/22
Mr. POOL said OVERNIGHT the flip will happen... πŸŒ•

QDROP # 4670 ~ 4+6+7=17
Posted on 9/11.....
The Signal???

Is the corn moon our SIGNAL for an OVERNIGHT event.... ???? πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸŒ½πŸŒ•

Finally, an image that sums up the idiocy of the last two years. And yes, we have seen pictures of people swimming with masks on...

Keep up the good work, Light Warriors. Your calm, positive attitude is making a big difference. It is helping the Light circulate faster which has the exponential effect of hastening the demise of the dark forces on this planet. Every smile and laugh helps...!


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Classic meme🀣🀣🀣

    1. There have been so many brilliant memes, Annette. I really hope someone puts them all into a book. I would be first in line to buy it...!

    2. Sierra: I hope you remember that I have a Large 3-ring Binder FULL of PRINTED MEMES - in document protectors. Looking for a Publisher to Make it a "Coffee Table" Book. 😍

    3. I do indeed - I was thinking of you when I wrote that comment. Remember, I am first in the Cue, tee hee...!!

  2. Thank you Sierra - the meme made me smile! I saw a woman with a mask on in her car! lol Talk about brainwashed! Was really pissed about the FBI and Trump! GEEZ!!!! While Hunter roams free with all his baggage. Definitely discriminatory!!! But I do believe the Dark is running 'a-scared'! lol Trump did mention sometime ago (and so did Kayleigh M) watch for September. Hanging tough in PNW! Karen

    1. Karen, I walked past an old lady on her mobility scooter during my beach walk today. She was wearing a mask. I SO wanted to urge her to breath the fresh sea air....!!
      Love and Light to you in the Pacific North West from the South Pacific...!

    2. Karen: I still see people wearing masks in their cars here in mid-Michigan! lol

  3. So they all knew the raid would happen all is know...scripted...projectooking glass and all.. were was the secret service don't why protect and guard his home? It's all trump gets arrested per Juan O Savin we shall see..guy punch coming...not sure how or when this will end...Sept 10th?

    1. Keep hovering up there at 40,000 feet, Doug. That's the best vantage point to enjoy the unfolding climax to this movie. There are far too many unknown details at ground level. Love and Light to you!


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