QTSR: Russia Mobilizing Troops

The latest QTSR posts from Telegram (22nd Sept) reinforce the intel in Clandestine's newsletter. 

New Zealand newspapers are running headlines with the words...'Russia/nuclear...' Watch this space.

 Post 1
>As Putin/RUSSIA begins mobilization of over a Quarter of a million troops ( 300,000 to be specific)///_NATO begins moving military flights and silent preparations drills through the EU regional bases and everyone is on high ALART._last week as PUTIN met with Chinese President Xi, their discussion were obviously centered around the escalation in Ukraine and UN. NATO. U.S  ( the past month the U.S. military actively bombed and  attacked RUSSIAN forces with Drones.... That was part of the response of PUTINs dramatic swift Massive increaseIn Helicopter delivery and Armored assault units and gaining fighter jets squadrons among other necessities of tens of thousands of munitions delivered...) Covert operations against Russian forces.China had WARNED EU NATO on there different occasions in the past two months , that their escalation of the conflict in Ukraine would lead to an All out WAR and collapse of the the EUROPEAN UNION._ With sanctions on RUSSIA, China is also heavily invested in losing billiond daily through their holding in Russia and EU nations. .. But at the heart of Russia and Chinas allegiance to each other is the BRICS currency reserve system. This important Banking>Alliance<Can not be jeopardized in anyway and the ongoing escalation of [ DS] NATO. UN. Provocation and [ DS] world MSM misinformation campaign on behalf of the CABAL> VANGUARD invested owned news OUTLETS and behind the scenes military funding projects by BLACKROCK money laundering projects over sought by CIA channels through SWITZERLAND/ UKRAINE EU BILLIONAIRE banks has become increasingly close to CREATING AN ALL-OUT WAR.CHINA GAVE A FINAL WARNING YESTERDAY TO EU. NATO. UN. FORCES> BEHIND THE SCENES AND UP FRONT DROPS. ...They are supporting RUSSIA interest and they are WILLING to get involved in the conflict.________EVENTS[COLLAPSE]IT HAD TO BE THIS WAY.MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY( the ALLIANCE long ago knew this EVENT was coming)///The GREAT>NUCLEAR< STANDOFF.........( You may not know or hear about it in the news or social networks.... But everyone has Nukes pointed at each other the past MONTHS )//INSIDE THE STORM( remember I told you of these EVENTS would happen back in January/ February 2021 ... And it All had to happen to EXPOSE the DARK [ DS] MILITARY that is runned by the CABAL who control BLACKROCK / VANGUARD . VATICAN BANK OPERATIONS ROTHSCHILDS ECT ECT....)//// ...Their WILL be NO NUCLEAR WAR but we come to the edge.....THE WAR TO END ALL WARSPost 2
👀🇷🇺 Something definitely very big is going on the Global scale behind the scenes...No Global leader will first announce they are addressing the nation then back out...it's an indication to negotiations or something which has already taken place...Post 3  - includes attached pics
🚨BREAKING - There was a reported standoff between Chinese, American, Canadian & Taiwanese Naval ships in the Taiwan Strait.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Bill Holter: "All assets have been pushed higher by the use of credit. However gold and silver; credit in those markets are to the short side not to the long side. So when the credit markets break and the margin calls are issued everything is going to have to be sold, except for gold and silver. These are going to have to be bought because of the shorts outstanding."

    Andy Schectman: "We are called preppers and doom-and-gloomers. When it happens I think you will see the availability of product disappear overnight." [gold and silver]

    youtube JeanClaude BeyondMystic003

    1. I've heard Andy speak a few times on the MarkZ podcast on Twitch. Tune in.

  2. Thanks Sierra! Alot of talk around Sept 24th... Since QE2 passed Sept 8 th we are on the clock right ?

    1. Doug, I am thinking that we might a big event of some kind before 8th Nov (mid-terms). The action is heating up and so is the speculation. Cross fingers...!!

    2. Oops! That was meant to be 'see a big event...'

  3. QTSR's Telegram channel just went private, so I can no longer read it. I've tried so many times to join Telegram, but I never receive the confirmation texts. I think my ISP must block them for some reason. Thank you for posting QTSR's messages here. I hope you're still able to and will continue to post them here.


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