Remember To Laugh

Opening this post with one of the most brilliant pieces of video editing I have ever seen. I burst out laughing after a few seconds and laughed through the whole thing. SO clever. Enjoy. And no spoiler alerts.

Here is an excerpt from Putin's speech...'And I'm not bluffing...' (Putin)

President Trump posted a message that mentioned WW3. Remember, we are watching a highly-scripted movie. Creator has BANNED the detonation of all nuclear weapons in all multi-verses. You are taking part in the final show-down (with the emphasize on 'show') to destroy the [D]eep [S]tate.

Mark Zuckerberg lost 71 billion dollars this year. How's that 'Meta-verse' going for you, Mark...?? Alliance in FULL control.

Aussie doctors are 'baffled' (there's that word again...) by the sudden increase in 'unexplained' child deaths. Heinous.

Finally, some dark humor - we can all enjoy a laugh at the expense of the elites at times.

Sunshine here today, a lovely Spring day - perfect for dog-walking with a friend.

Stay calm and positive, Light Warriors. The next few days could be very interesting. 


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Hi Sierra much love & light to you Always God Bless You
    Depopulation Is Upon Us: Paul Ehrlich, Dennis Meadows, Club Of Rome, Margaret Sanger Explain Plan

  2. Nuclear scare event as Q had predicted right ? Military is the only way per 17. I want it all shut down now...let's go.. Queen is off the chess board...King is exposed now...take him out! End the movie inform the people they were programmed slaves for many lifetimes ..children explain about the children.. we were living in hell and didn't know it...

    1. There are rumors that the King will be arrested - now there's a Shot Heard Around the World that would awaken humanity...

  3. Dear Sierra,
    You may want to check "Universal Channeler - Erena Velazquez" in FB about the Divine plan update from Prime Creator and Universal Consciousness

    1. Thanks for sharing - I like her channelings.


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