Awesome President Trump Speech

President Trump was on fire during the Phoenix speech today. He looked fit, strong and feisty. He is ready to take on the [D]eep [S]tate and he made it very clear he is going to WIN. Love him!

Here are excerpts from the speech. It was difficult to choose because there were so many highlights...

Re election fraud: 'When they steal it from us and rig it, we have to FIGHT. We have no choice. The evidence is monumental. More than 74,000 mail-in ballots with no clear record of them EVER being sent...The cabal campaigned for him [B]iden.'

'They (DS) say, "Holy Shit! They caught us!"...The time to fix it is not in 2024 - the time is RIGHT NOW, here in Arizona. RIGHT NOW. We don't have the luxury to sit back and wait for the next election...We have to solve this problem. We have to work our ASSES off...We will halt the radical Left in its tracks...'

Re [B]iden: 'Joe is destroying our country. I don't even believe it's him. I don't think it's HIM.'

Re Bill Barr: 'I don't blame Barr. I don't blame a lot of people. They became weak, ineffective and frightened.'

Re media censorship: 'When you have NO press, that's how communism starts in a country. We have NO voice...I filed a class action lawsuit against Big Tech, you are welcome to join in. We are suing FB, Twitter and Google in court...But far worse than Big Tech is the lamestream media, the TRUE enemy of the people.'

Re the jab: 'I recommend you take it...but I believe in your freedom 100%...China has to pay us retribution.'

The live stream comments section lit up with NO VAXX comments - and people asking President Trump why he is endorsing the jab. So yet again this contentious issue is on the table. It's very difficult to see through the smokescreen and form a balanced opinion. We may never know.

His final summary: 'They are still coming after ME because I will never stop fighting for YOU. We live by this motto ' "In God We Trust"...We are MUCH stronger than they are. Our movement is driven by a love of the American people. We are fighting for FREEDOM...We will take back that beautiful gorgeous White House...!'

Right at the end of the speech President Trump pointed to an audience member, said 'Thank You' and gave a small Q air sign. Yay! A few minutes later, he pointed to the same person again, said 'Thank You' and gave a bigger Q air sign. Double yay! I was waiting to see if he would do it, and I was not disappointed.

It was an awesome speech. You could feel President Trump's passion and enormous drive to free humanity - not just America. We must stand strongly behind him. We are his army of digital soldiers. He NEEDS us.

Hold the line, World Patriots.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. What if . . . there was a worse alternative to the jab? - - - DD

    1. Exactly, DD. You are absolutely right. And that is why President Trump did what he had to do regarding the jab. The alternative does not bear thinking about...

  2. Of course, since I live in America, I had no idea Trump was even speaking anywhere, because they don't cover it. Not even Fox News - Tucker. Very disappointing. And extremely disappointing that Trump keeps mentioning for us to take the vaccine that is killing (and otherwise severely injuring) so many people around the world. They've already said the med beds won't restore people once their DNA has been altered, so what's the deal?

    I know many are protesting across the world, and I'm very disappointed that people seem to be too afraid to do that here in the US (and I'm not talking about the rioters).... but living here, I can sense that we are about to reach a boiling point. If people start knocking on our doors asking us to take the vaccine, things are going to get really messy. Something has to give, and SOON, or it'll be an all-out Civil War in America.

  3. This youtube video is called, "Pet control", at: It is about vets putting a microchip in a dog for identification. She says, "The microchip is given like a vaccine." The second part of the video shows someone using a HomeAgain microchip reader. She puts it on someones upper arm where the lady had a vaxx and it shows a number on the reader.

    1. Another video says she had a dog chip under her sleave and that is why the reader showed a number.

    2. Wow, I didn't know the connection between the microchip reader and the jab. It all makes sense, doesn't it? The DS agenda. No wonder people are fighting back hard. Thank goodness people are finally waking up to the truth.


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