Whistle-blower Nurse Video: Essential Viewing

This whistle-blower nurse interview should be mandatory viewing for EVERY person on the planet. Behind the scenes truth that the [D]eep [S]tate is desperate to hide.

Stew:   '...So the majority of patients are NOT Covid but vaccine injuries?'

Nurse: 'Yes...the doctors will not acknowledge the vaccine injuries...The Delta variant IS the vaccine injuries. It's common knowledge. The doctors are well aware of it...50% of the staff are refusing the jab, we see what it is doing to the patients...I want the world to stop watching the news. It's absolutely FALSE.'

What is chilling about the video is that so many doctors are complicit in this genocide. Please pass this video on to anyone who is contemplating the jab, or has even had the first jab. As the nurse said, she tells all the patients not to take the second jab. She is risking her job to save lives.

This is the TRUTH about the fake virus, as seen on a placard at a freedom rally in Hawaii. 

“Give me liberty or give me a .02% chance of death” 😂

On to happier news...
President Trump was guest commentator at a big boxing match - look what the crowd does. Love it.

When in USA history has a crowd chanted these words about their president? It is happening in sports arenas all over America.

The 9/11 Pentagon 'attack' was obviously a missile, not a plane. This little video approves it.

More insanity from Down Under. Aussies at the beach. Remember life before the Gestapo?

I love this guy - such an expressive face. Enjoy.

Let's hope this flag becomes popular in USA...

Today I was talking to my friend in Minnesota about the huge increase in military air transport in his area lately. He said last year you would be lucky to see one plane every few weeks. Now 8-10 big military planes routinely land in one night. Something is happening. WAKE UP, PEOPLE.

Hold the line, World Patriots. The roar of disapproval of [B]iden is growing in ferocity - and the results of the Arizona audit are expected out next week. BOOM.

Finally a prayer for my friend and blog reader Debi - her husband George is in hospital and is very unwell. Prayers too for our beloved Blossom Goodchild - her husband Goody has stopped all medical treatment for his cancer.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Stew Peters does super interviews. And what's coming will be Nuremberg all over again. Those doctors will hang. Along with the media liars, and every other liar.

    Sending prayers to George and Goody. 🙏

    Love and Light, Sierra! 💓

    1. Yes, Jan, justice will prevail. It is the natural law of the Universe that it must happen.
      Thank you for the prayers, I know they will be much appreciated. Love and Light to you.

  2. I love the clip above with the football game. That's my alma mater! : ) Hugs, DD

  3. That is so cool, DD! Hugs to you, my friend.


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