Students Defy Mask Mandates

I love this little video of USA high school students walking to school mask-less, defying the mandates. Go them...!

Please keep the Canadian truckers - and ALL freedom truckers worldwide - in your prayers and heart.

I knew that the Trudeau who spoke from his hidey-hole was a body double. Here is photographic proof.

Awesome news from UK - Scotland Yard police confirm that a criminal investigation is underway for jab injuries and coercion. 

A bizarre 'news' cover story for jab injuries and deaths. Keep spreading the TRUTH.

We must NEVER forget what happened to the children. Tragic incidents like this are happening in New Zealand and being covered up. The souls who contracted to have these short lives are to be honored for their sacrifice to help awaken humanity.

Kari Lake destroyed the MSM during an interview with a reporter. 'Their days are numbered...'

Check out the NZ government's bizarre criteria for 'opening the borders'. Does this look like normal unrestricted travel to you...?? Wake up, Kiwis! Don't be fooled by her 'generous offering' - you are still trapped in a prison of mind-control. 

Love the Brazilian President...!

Wonderful post from an Anon - inspiring and uplifting. Enjoy.

The truth is simple. We are the cure. The Great Awakening is an unstoppable force. The role of Q is so beautiful. They gave the people what they needed to wake up. And they've been battling the deep state day and night, steering them down the path that leads to The People having the will to stand up! The fog of war is thick but there is a uniting of the world happening before our eyes. If you've slumbered from lost hope, it's not too late. Look around you. People who years ago who were so deeply enveloped into the deep state brainwash system have eyes wide open now. If the few good people at the top would have arrested the deep state players and executed them years ago it would have been a disaster. Civil war, nuclear war, the damage to society would have cost too much. The path we're on is truly the best case scenario. The World is slowly finding common ground. This isn't about Republican or Democrat, Race, or Gender. This is about the People finding the will to change. When the People of the world come to that place.. it'll be a spectacle like we've never seen.

 Finally, blog reader Tim sent this cool meme. Thanks Tim. This is my story. I am sure that I am not alone in this blog community, having more on-line friends than in the physical. I will make sure we get the opportunity to meet up - it will be amazing. I am thinking Sedona.

Freedom is in the air in every country around the world. Light Warriors feel hopeful, excited, supported and ready to spring into action as soon as a BIG domino falls. 

Sure there are moments during the day when we wobble and falter. I freely admit that I do. But we pick ourselves up, dust off our swords of Truth and charge back into the battle.


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Where We Go One We Go All..

Love and Light


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  2. Great times now!!❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈

  3. Awesome information Thanks Sierra much love and light to you

    Since when was heart trouble ‘non-serious’?
    By Guy Hatchard - February 4, 2022
    The writer is in New Zealand
    For more information:

    Shocking analysis finds that Covid-19 Vaccine Death-Rates are much higher than what is being officially reported
    Shocking mortality data from Germany, Austria, Israel, England: thousands of post-vaccine non-Covid deaths covered up – miscategorized as unvaccinated deaths…”extremely alarming situation”
    “Thousands are dying of the vaccine daily without us even being aware of it.”

    Chronic Maskitis By Dr Vernon Coleman
    Division, Distraction, Problem, Reaction, Solution…
    Why Government Leaders are deliberately being made Unpopular

    The vaccine death toll continues to rise
    By Kathy Gyngell - February 4, 2022

    1. Thanks Viddal and John - could you please just put links rather than full articles? It's less reading in the comments for busy people. Thank you both!

  4. Standing up.. shine your light! Be vocal be alive!! New England Journal of Medicine just released a reporting how vaccines cause heart inflammation and also how spoke proteins can take out the immune system making a person auto immune basically what HIV does I think.
    A site I follow states MSNBC admitted Trump won election...I can't find any story stating it though. Operation Disclosure by Judy Byington had it...hmm I like the report but they have dangled the RV carrot for years now .so I take it with a grain of salt .when I see all shut down.. 1 movie running on tv to educate the world about the cabal and children I will know it is happening ..

    1. Thanks Doug. There is plenty of positive news out there when we look for it. Progress is being made at lightning speed now. Victory is assured!

  5. Sierra: Sedona is a good meeting place. I've been there several times and ordained there in 2003.
    IMO - if you choose that location - I think it's best between May and October. DD

    1. Thanks for the tip-off for the timing, DD. That is mid-winter here in NZ so being in Sedona at that time of year will be absolutely wonderful...!

  6. Breaking – Northern Ireland Solicitor Wins Legal Challenge – COVID19 vaccination programme within schools has been terminated.
    Stephen Atherton director of John J McNally & Co. in Mid-Ulster, Northern Ireland, had made a direct appeal to the Chief Medical Officer for NI and the Minister for Health, Robin Swann, following a breaking news story from the United States in which the CEO of Pfizer concedes that 2 doses of their vaccine are ineffective against the ‘Omicron’ variant.

    He wrote, “On the 23rd of December 2021, the Minister for Health, Robin Swann, indicated that Omicron was the dominant strain in NI. Yesterday, the Chief Executive of Pfizer has confessed that 2 doses of his product are “not enough for Omicron”. (source)

    In response to this crucial development, I am calling for the immediate cessation of the covid 19 vaccination programme of healthy children”.

    Mr. Atherton has reported an update today the 4th February, on the Judicial Review challenge:
    “We are delighted to note that the Department of Health have formally confirmed, through their solicitors, that their Covid-19 vaccination programme within schools has been terminated, thereby removing the unacceptable risk that a healthy 12-15-year-old child could receive a #Covid vaccine in the absence of their parents and, furthermore, in the absence of parental consent.

    Whilst the primary objective of our challenge has now been achieved, our substantive challenge against the ministerial decision to disregard the scientific advice of the JCVI will continue.

    We are acutely aware, through the UK Government’s own safety surveillance data, that thousands of healthy children in the UK have reported adverse events in the aftermath of vaccination, many of these injuries can only be described as serious.

    Our challenge has now been listed for an initial ‘Leave’ (Permission to proceed) hearing on the 21st of March.

    We are very grateful for the overwhelming support that we have received from the community in relation to this matter.

    Our office will continue to advocate for children who have been left voiceless and defenceless during the past 2 years.” (source)

    Congratulations to Stephen Atherton and all at JJ McNally & Co Solicitors, This should offer hope to others in their legal challenges.

    1. This is wonderful news, thank you both for sharing it. Yay...!! Saving the children. Love and Light to you tireless Light Warriors.

  7. It's BIBLICAL!! I love all of my badass online friends!! Love and Light, Sierra!

    1. I love all my badass online friends too - we are an amazing global team! Love and Light to you, Jan.

  8. Sierra, what’s your handle on Gab? I’d like to drop a private message.

    1. Hi Tim...I am not on Gab, I am a 'lurker'. Please email me at


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