Explosive Tucker Carlson/Alex Jones Interview

Two highly formidable TRUTH journalists have combined forces in an explosive interview that will rattle the rafters in every [D]eep [S]tate mansion on the planet. Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones...well, they pretty much interviewed each other, really (1 hour 30 minute video). Here is Tucker Carlson again, this time joined by Elon Musk to drop giant red pills on humanity. Their combined social media reach is in the hundreds of millions. Alex Jones...Tucker Carlson...Elon Musk. Yes, friends, the panic among the DS players is quite something to contemplate. Hunter [B]iden is (finally) facing 17 years (love the number) jail time in the slowest indictment process in history. A reminder from Kat of the TRUTH about the [B]iden crime family. Heinous.