The Best Is Yet To Come...

A profound Independence Day message of hope from the REAL USA President. And the most popular politician in USA right now on 4 th  July is...President Trump. We love you...! are the actors who play Jill and Joe [B]iden, performing at an Independence Day event. The Jill actor had to remind the Joe actor to say 'God Bless America' at the end. The Jill actor looks NOTHING like the original. Good grief. There isn't enough popcorn to get us to the end of this farcical show. A judge in Uruguay has ordered Pfizer to provide 'extensive details' about what is in the jab, including things like graphene oxide and nanotechnology, and information about efficacy and safety issues. Pfizer must provide the information within 48 hour

Happy 4th July USA Light Warriors!

Happy Fourth July from Down Under...! My friend Stephen pointed out that 4 + 7 +2022 = 17, the Cue number. Awesome! And 4+7 = 11, a Master Number. It's a great day for...something BIG to happen. This short video gave me goose-bumps - SO joyful. Please enjoy and pass it on. Directly from the Vatican, strong rumors that the Pope is about to resign. Back to the reasons why something big needs to happen asap. This little video brought tears to my eyes. Heroic Light Warriors in NYC begged parents not to jab their babies and toddlers. Heart-breaking. And if that parental abuse is not enough, check out this picture from an Air NZ flight. It made me feel sick. Even if it was intended as a joke, it's not funny. We Light Warriors KNOW all this is wrong. We have to keep fighting on becaus

Sobering Video: '1000 Athletes'

This sobering video (1hr 24') is titled '1000 Athletes'. There is no narration, just a constant stream of photos and news stories about the many athletes who have died suddenly since the jab. It is shocking that it fills almost an entire hour and a half. So many healthy fit young people, now dead because they trusted 'the science'. I defy you not to roll your eyes in disbelief over this trashy MSM story. It illustrates the desperation of the [D]eep [S]tate - they are trying to create food shortage and make gardening a scape-goat for jab heart attacks all in one hit. Now for some real journalism - a short intel video about the DS Green Agenda by Info Wars reporter Greg Reece. Very interesting. The east coast of Australia is hit yet again with an engineered weather storm. Appalling.