A Psychiatrist Talks About Masks

Thank you....! A psychiatrist confirms that people driving alone in cars wearing a mask are suffering from a mental illness - they are delusional. Interesting reading the comments below the video. We are not alone in our incredulity that people are masking up outdoors, riding a bike or driving solo. Check out this wild-eyed [D]eep [S]tate puppet who is in charge of cyber security in USA. Mind-controlled, much. Putin's not the least bit scared of you, lady. Your 'Shields Up' propaganda is a joke to him. The DS audience at Cannes film festival gave Ukrainian PM Zelensky a standing ovation. A bunch of actors honoring one of their own. Makes sense. As my friend Lance said, the DS Plandemic narrative is ready to pounce again at a moment's notice. Here is proof from the DS actors themselves.

Guest Post: The New Zealand Situation

We have two guests on the post today - my lovely friends Lance and Walt. Lance emailed me a comprehensive summary of the NZ [D]eep [S]tate agenda as it currently stands. It's an excellent summary. And Walt is my 'FB scout'. I don't do social media so he has an important role in the mission by tracking the mood of the average Kiwi. Hint: They are NOT happy. Firstly, Lance... It was not long ago in recent history that I recall the NZ PM declared something to the effect: "we need to put COVID behind us, so we can focus on the environment". This was code for "the green new deal", "agenda 21" past, "agenda 2030" present,  "carbon tax". I see now the NZ Govt has gone full retard on the green agenda, rolling out policy on 'emissions reduction' and a 'climate plan'. By telegraphing the environmental agenda, the PM shows this is all coordinated. The DS down-under are trying to play catch-up with the environmental

Nunes On The Durham Trial

A riveting 8 min interview segment with Devin Nunes about Durham's upcoming trial of top [C]linton lawyer Michael Sussmann.  Nunes believes the trial has the potential to bring down the entire DNC, including [O]bama and [B]iden. Total vindication for President Trump. Bring it on...! Short Fox News video of Durham going into court. BOOM. Project Veritas with another superb undercover expose. A senior engineer at Twitter admits that Twitter censors free speech and is 'commie as f--k...' Love this little clip of Justice Clarence Thomas joking about how poorly the media does its job. Brilliant. Great news - MacDonalds is permanently exiting Russia after 30 years. It's probably been that long since I last ate that foo

Excellent Ben Fulford Report

This is an excellent report from Ben Fulford, one of his best ever. It's a comprehensive lengthy summary of the entire Alliance operation as it currently stands. Highly recommended reading. Last week China and Russia issued an ultimatum to the US military: either destroy the Khazarian mafia or face all-out nuclear/scalar weaponry warfare, multiple sources agree. The US sent a large  delegation to Russia in response and an agreement was reached to kill all known members of the KM on sight, Pentagon and MI6 sources say. This has already begun and will accelerate this week, the sources say. Here is a summary of what triggered this as sent to us by a member of the Dragon family: There was a noisy meeting in the Security Council at the request of Russia regarding the development of American biological weapons on its borders inside Ukraine: 1- The Russian delegate handed over documents and evidence in the session record confirming the following: = Official Pe