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QSR: 1st May

New QSR from Telegram for 1st May.  It seems that the Alliance purchase of Twitter will unleash a STORM of truth bombs, from all directions. [B]iden's 'Ministry of Truth' is the [D]eep [S]tate's desperate last ditch effort to hold back the avalanche of truth. As I have often said in the past, it's the equivalent of trying to stop the path of an avalanche using a teaspoon. >)WIRES: HUNTERS LAPTOP, ] DURHAM [, PUTIN UKRAINE EXPOSURE > CONNECTED TO DNC HRC , ......>>ALL CONNECTED TO>>>[ TWITTER ] TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER                        [TWITTER]+[TWITTER]...... PANIC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 /// Booms in route 💥💥... +World deep state CABAL Elites trying desperately to bring down Twitter and ❌ CANCEL ✖️.... [ FAUCI ] Where We Go One We Go All. Love and Light Sierra

Tucker Carlson: Ministry of Truth 'Buffoons'

I am opening this post with a refreshing piece of REAL journalism from our Light Warrior hero Tucker Carlson. This is a 17 minute segment (note the 17 from Q) about [B]iden's new 'Ministry of Truth'. Thanks to Stephen for forwarding it to me. Tucker Carlson re the 'Ministry of Truth'... 'That's the bad news. The GOOD news is, everyone involved in Joe Biden's new Ministry of Information is a BUFFOON. They may be evil but they are also RIDICULOUS.' Humiliating the [D]eep [S]tate players just keeps getting easier and easier. Meanwhile behind the scenes we have truly brilliant minds like President Trump and President Putin, working in an on and off-planetary Alliance operation to liberate humanity. If you still have not watched the two part Navy whistle blower interview, here are the links - they can comfortably be watched at 1.25 speed. Part 1 Part 2

Apollo and Mira Channelings

Valerie Donner's latest newsletter has two reassuring messages - from Apollo, and from Mira of the Earth Council. Here’s the latest message from Apollo:” We greet you today on our special mission of peace. The turmoil on planet earth is creating crisis and chaos throughout your planetary system and other places too. This cannot be tolerated any longer. Special forces of light are in place redirecting the dark and negative energies that invaded the earth throughout eons of time. It is necessary to embark upon this most important Mission to resurrect the earth and return her to the light. Everything is in place for this impending shift. You are already beginning to feel these energies. You may feel unbalanced, nervous, strange, overly tired, indecisive, and like a stranger in a strange land. You may be hungrier than usual, or not hungry at all. You may feel more inwardly and like you want to get rid of things. You may have also noticed the fast pace of


New QSR from Telegram. There is some very important information in these posts that explains the background to the Alliance Plan. As QSR says, 'Many of the things that are happening now will be explained in the long years ahead into many lifetimes.' The Alliance operation is incredibly complex. It is naive that we expect to understand details of the plan as it is unfolding - so many details will never be known. Post 1   [ DISNEY ] >Inside Disney among employees...a>WAR is brewing ..../// It's expected MASS protests will eventually start , created within the corporation itself>>> /// : Very HIGH end ELITES in the Christian faith movement ( BILLIONAIRE'S investors in Disney) .WILL start to bring down DISNEY</// BACKED> by White HATS\\///// Post 2   [ DISNEY] the magic of gone/// What's really happening behind the scenes?>> White HATS>> organizing investors>>>organizing moral good employees.>>>organizing a WAR> WITH

Excellent Insider Interview: Must Watch

This is the most compelling  insider interview I have ever listened to. The US Navy insider has had extensive experience patrolling in the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases). He talks about [a]drenochrome, the tragedy of the children, reptilians, the secrets of Antarctica, and the HUGE network of tunnels deep underground around the world, especially in USA. He confirms the existence of cities deep inside the Earth. He also has great intel on NESARA/GESARA...the QFS...the EBS...the Alliance plan etc. The GOOD news - he confirms that these issues that are so important to Light Warriors ARE real. I felt very reassured after listening to this whistle-blower. He seems genuine, and the interviewers ensured that all important information was covered. I recommend this interview as a must-watch. The interview is in two parts and can be comfortably watched at 1.25 speed. Enjoy. Thanks to blog reader Pauline for passing on these links. Part One: Pa

Pleiadian Message For Humanity

A beautiful new message from the Pleiadians. Please use your discernment, as always. Enjoy. Dear beloved ones, Today, I'd like to share a wonderful message from the Pleiadians that I got. It's always important to keep your vibration high and get messages from the Universe in order to receive the highest vibrations within ourselves. All we have to do now is keep our eyes open and keep moving forward, learning and growing spiritually. That is why I am sharing this message. "Dear Earthlings! We are the Pleiadians, and our home planet is the Pleiades, a star system of 7 planets located in the constellation of Taurus. We are vastly spread out across the Universe and have colonized many worlds. We were once united, but now we are separated into 13 different colonies. We have been watching you for some time now, and we have decided to make our presence known in a very special way. We come in peace. We are from the future, and we are here to assist you in your ascension process. W

New QSR: Internet Shutdowns

 New QSR from Telegram... Post 1 (see attached pic) DEEP STATE CABAL>> killing fields begin// Sending message to PUTIN and his inner circle  ⚠️⚠️⚠ ️ The DEEP STATE CABAL CENTRAL world banking system is deeply upset with Putin to move  to a Gold Back SYSTEM//// They are trying to KILL PUTIN... But have failed consistently... Now they are ATTACKING/ killing the BILLIONAIRE'S next to him<   _____________________ >)WIRES; The same killimgs are taking place in CHINA connected to Gold backed SYSTEM/// Mass arrests have/are taking place in throughout CHINA//// on both sides of Chinese white HATS and black hats >> Chinese families a WAR has also broken out.... Both groups are ATTACKING each other// Killings//kidnappings ... Post 2   >) WIRES; 3 DAYS TO STEAL THE ENTIRE INTERNET< White HATS... Mil. ALLIANCE> ELON MUSK>> HAS THE FULL TECHNOLOGY in their possession to take over the current INTERNET//// This technology through Star Link has the full power to ca

The Storm is Almost Here...

An excellent newsletter from BP at Starship Earth. From the newsletter...I love the Ivermectin tweet and the Babylon Bee satire about Musk's Twitter purchase. The 'replacement' Jack (Twitter) story is very interesting - food for thought. The [C]ovid Decode graph is coming in handy again with so many arrests.  I agree with BP about the 'promised' food shortages. She is not buying into it and neither am I. It is important to understand her information about the destruction of food processing plants. These plants are MEAT processing factories. The [D]eep [S]tate has been putting human remains in meat products (eg takeaway burgers) for decades. If that doesn't make you want to stop eating processed meat products, nothing will. This is a very interesting post (thanks Mr Ed) about the 'virus', arrests, and finally the Lizard [Q]ueen. Recommended rea