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QSR: Devolution Plan Going Public

This latest batch of posts from QSR on Telegram are a source of great hope for patient Light Warriors. Evidence is building that the Devolution Plan is now going public (it has been happening behind the scenes for a long time). Excellent news. Thank you to my lovely friend Stephen for his consistent task in forwarding me these QSR posts, all set out ready to publish. So grateful! Post 1   How did the teenager aquire over ten thousand dollars$$$$$ To buy two 5,000$ dollar special AR-15 military grade weapons gun with all the works and special gear and scopes ..... There are many things that don't add up in the Texas shooting. Why do these shooters always pick a school.. Why not a shopping center . Or a place with more people and better cover???..... ________ It's reported by many who are in the know of the Occults/the deep state satanic elites often choose school shootings as a way of SATANIC ritual sacrifice of children... _____ There is a DARKNESS that exist and controls human

The M Word: A Nothing Burger

BP from Starship Earth tells it best regarding the M word (M-pox). Monkeypox is a nothing burger. Ignore it and DO NOT COMPLY with any more Nazi tactics to control us. There is no threat that didn't exist a month ago, and no emergency or way to manipulate one---honestly and truthfully... ...The thing about a fake medical emergency they are suggesting like Monkeypox, hard on the heels of the scamdemic for Covid, is that it SHOULD prompt intelligent questions from everyone like... Who are these people who would try to scare us, talk about more lockdowns, jab after jab, and shut down the world over an illness? Who would do it---and equally as important---WHY???? (BP Starship Earth)  Michael Sussmann, Hillary [C]linton's former lawyer, was just found not guilty by a rigged court of his involvement in the Russian hoax. Here is an Anon's summary of the situation.