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General Thoughts

I have been doing a lot of deep processing around being exposed to people who have had the jab - especially loved ones. It has been a profound test of confronting fear on a level that none of us could have foreseen two years ago.  The world has become a surreal place. I find myself constantly focussing on getting back to center after being side-swiped by another shocking piece of information or insight. Spirit told me this morning that everything that's happening in the lives of Light Warriors right now is designed to test us. Are we ready to tackle the full impact of the storm? Are we REALLY ready...?  Here is a simple strategy to keep our footing when the storm slams into humanity with full intensity.... Pause...take a deep breath...focus on the next moment. Not the next week, day or hour - the next MOMENT. Practice pausing frequently throughout the day and checking in with your heart. Actually ASK your heart, 'How am I doing...?' And listen to the response. Start doing i

Another Medical Expert Warning

I make no apologies for putting these medical expert videos in a post of their own. These highly experienced physicians are warning humanity of the TRUTH about the jab. They are whistle-blowers. We must take their research and opinion very seriously.  The best thing we can do now to help people is make these videos go viral. Sierra  

MSM Truth About Virus Origin

The mainstream media is publishing the TRUTH about the origin of the virus. This is a strong indicator that the Alliance operation is poised to go to a new level of offensive. Remember it is a chess game and a movie - every event we are seeing is scripted and fully controlled. This tweet suggests that [C]hina  is threatening a nuclear strike against USA in retaliation for the virus origin research Multiple sources, including Cue, have discussed an imminent 'scare/ near death event'. The potential for a (fake) global nuclear event to be blamed on [C]hina is a strong possibility in light of recent events. If it takes place, it will be highly orchestrated and benign. Please always remember that Source/Creator banned ALL nuclear detonations in all Universes because of the severe effects on souls. Nuclear war on planet Earth wil

Warning About Jab From NZ Medical Expert

This NZ doctor is a GP of 27 years experience. He is also a forensic physician with a Masters Degree in Forensic Medicine from Monash University. And he has had 27 years experience as a police doctor. I think you can safely call him a medical expert who knows what he is talking about. Please listen to what he says about the virus jab. This video can be watched at 1.5 speed. Sierra  

Heat Increasing On [F]auci

Huge contingents of US troops are having 'exercises' in Europe and many other nations. Watch this space. (Q) The Storm Rider on Twitter... 1-167 U S. Army Infantry Battalion division in Greece. Tank exercises & ground combat training. Largest U S training in the region. _U S MILITARY in over 30 Nations doing Exercises &ops training Intensify!!   (Q) The Storm Rider warns of a 'near death' event that will test even the faith of Light Warriors. Well get ready for heart break If you think November 3/January 20 was trauma that's nothing! I have been telling you all. You're going to experience a trauma harder than you know. It's coming, the saddest part of the story. ALL HOPE LOST near DEATH EVENT> _after MIL. Go's Public Major Patriot on Gab with a [B]iden 'little girl' incident. I think he was set up by the Alliance - it feels staged to me. Show the people. Everythin

Demise Of The [D]eep [S]tate

  Laws are being passed that mark the end of the [D]eep [S]tate reign of tyranny on Earth. Witness the reaction when a US Congress bill was passed banning gain of function research in China... There are examples of [D]eep [S]tate demise and accompanying panic everywhere. All eyes on Georgia. Pepe Live Matters on Gab re-posts Midnight Rider from Telegram. Georgia has officially hired top notch criminal defense lawyers to stop the audit. Imagine hiring a criminal defense lawyer but also telling everyone you definitely did nothing wrong.   Their panic is delicious. https:// Wisconsin has joined the White Hats, launching an investigation into the November election. Praying Medic on Gab. Wisconsin state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced he is hiring retired police