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Italy Involvement In Election Fraud

This Gab post by Greg Rubini is HUGE. The affidavit proves that Italy was heavily involved in stealing the US election. Greg Rubini @Greg_Rubini CIA and the British MI6 ran the Election Rigging Operation. They switched 30 Million votes from Trump to Biden, in 17 States. They used Italy to cover their tracks. But certainly the Italian Govt. was involved. Leonardo is owned by the Italian Govt. Leonardo is the 8th biggest Military contractor in the world. sort of Lockheed, or Northrop Grumman. Leonardo SpA was formerly known as Finmeccanica. this is what they do: https://www. Helicopters, Military Satellites with encrypted comms. Leonardo has a huge Space Center with 170 large dish antennas Link:   https://www. -centres-teleports/fucino-space-centre Arturo D'Elia, mentioned in the affidavit, was the Chief Technical Officer at Leonardo SpA, not a low level employee. Alfio D'Urso is a Top Level

Re: Lin Wood Photos

I received several comments that some Anons believe the photos of Lin Wood in the empty White House are from March 2020. Whatever the situation with Lin Wood's photos, it is clear by the highly unusual activity in Washington DC that this current US 'Presidency' is not normal - far from it. We can safely say that the empty White House, security fencing and dying lawns has never happened in living memory. We Light Warriors are operating in the dark (literally). We have access to glimpses of the Divine Plan to liberate humanity - and we only have those glimpses thanks to the extraordinary Q intel.  Security is paramount. Countless brave unknown warriors have lost their lives already to save humanity, many of those in appalling conditions in underground tunnels, surrounded by sights that no living person on this planet should ever see let alone experience. We citizen journalist Light Warriors can only speculate on what is unfolding with the Alliance operation. At times we may g

Empty White House

I highly recommend following (Q) The Storm Rider on Twitter. An astute Anon with up-to-date intel. Insider, maybe? Here is a (Q) The Storm Rider tweet about Lin Wood wandering through the empty rooms in the White House looking for 'Joey'. Priceless proof that [B]iden is NOT the active President of the United States. Anons say that other important Washington DC buildings are empty such as the Supreme Court. Then, to add to the mystery, there is video footage from intrepid citizen journalist Richard showing a HUGE amount of police and military activity in the area. It's great to see parents finally fighting back against the mask mandate for children in schools - at last. Beach Milk on Gab... HUNDREDS of concerned parents in Vail, AZ attended a School Board meeting, protesting mask mandates for schools. They would not leave. The