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You Are Watching A Movie

Opening this post with a 'Let's Go Brandon' chant from a golf crowd upon the arrival of President Trump, Marjorie Taylor Green, Tucker Carlson and Eric Trump. Timely reminder: You are watching a movie. Sit back, relax and don't take it too seriously. This young Light Warrior gives a brilliant summary of the [D]eep [S]tate agenda. A must watch. A great little video that makes it crystal clear the real [B]iden is long gone. Pause the video on the montage of all the [B]iden pics - yep, we are expected to believe that is the same person in all those pictures. Give me a break. This clever meme features a picture of the new [B]iden double/clone - staring vacant eyes, nobody home. Remember Cue said,  'We can't tell the people; we have to show them...' A meme to stir your emotions - it certainly stirred mine. A

...More on [P]elosi

Opening this post with a short video of blithering idiot Nancy [P]elosi at a recent WH presser. I am not being unkind or untruthful with that description - it is exactly how she presented. Would this woman REALLY be allowed, in her current state, to fly to Taiwan in a scenario that is (apparently) a precursor to WW3...? Of course not. It's all about the optics. It is all part of the show. This young Australian senator absolutely nailed the [D]eep [S]tate agenda in this short speech. Love it. A significant win for We The People - a $12 million dollar pay-out to healthcare workers who sued over the jab mandates. Great news. I SO agree with this post about the PCR tests. The designer of the PCR tests categorically stated that they were never meant to be used in this way - then he 'mysteriously' died. The PCR tests were the pri

Eyes On [P]elosi

Eyes on [P]elosi.  I agree with this excellent Clandestine newsletter - Nancy [P]elosi's bizarre trip to Taiwan, complete with US fighter plane escort, is HUGE news.  Cue always said, ' Scare event'. It could take something as drastic as apparent WW3 involving China, Russia and USA, to wake people up. Please note: There will be no nuclear detonation on planet Earth. I have said it multiple times, but it bears repeating - Creator has decreed there will never be another nuclear detonation in ANY universe. It is too destructive to souls. Any 'scare event' is part of the Alliance operation to awaken humanity. The Alliance is in FULL control. There is absolute no grounds for fear or panic. Stay calm, Light Warriors. If you freak out, you will become part of the problem, not the solution. Remember, this is a movie. There are actors, a script and plenty of twists and turns. Trust the plan. Here is the newsletter... . Eyes On Pelosi Clandestine Jul 31 Both the People’s Repu

QSR Telegram Posts: 26/29th July

Here is QSR Telegram post from 26th July... Post 1 China heading into Civil >near< WAR <<<<____ THE FALL OF THE DEEP STATE MONEY in the CCP REGIMEN that is connected to The U.S. $ dollar and EUROPEAN Euro  € > falling as Military tanks and soldiers surround banks and 100 of millions of Chinese civilians try to withdraw their own money as the 2nd world strongest economy [ COLLAPSE ]< >What isn't know is the XI , PUTIN and other have staged these EVENTS to bring down the CCP communist regimen and their banks......(I have long ago told you all these EVENTS would happen... World wide and China would began it's collapse of the communist regimen through the banks and civil unrest ( near war)//// After the collapse... The new Gold backed system will be in FULL EFFECT through China ... The current banks that have collapse are hundreds of thousands banks that run on money laundering and is owned by ROTHSCHILDs AND ROCKEFELLERS and several Chinese clans that cr