Maricopa Rejects Election Result

It has been agonizingly slow but Maricopa County in Arizona has finally rejected the result of the 2020 election due to fraud. BOOM. It only takes ONE state to reject the election result and the others have to follow.

I am not a fan of guns but it is a constitutional right to carry arms in USA. The Supreme Court has supported the National Rifle Association in a landmark decision against NYC gun restrictions. It augers well for the overturning of Roe and Wade - any day now.

Dr Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, is one brave Light Warrior. Here he speaks the TRUTH about lockdowns, mandates etc. They were never about health, always about control.

A World Health Organization study has concluded that the risk of experiencing serious injuries from the jab are 339% higher than the risk of being hospitalized due to [C]ovid. Wow. Guilty, much.

If the jab had been presented to humanity in these terms, millions of injuries and deaths would have been prevented. Governments and mainstream media are complicit in the devastation caused to humanity by the deadly jab.

Think experimental COVID vaccines.
SPOILER ALERT: The more boosters people take, the greater the number of deadly jelly beans, until they ALL are deadly!

A reminder about the jab that will ALWAYS be true, sadly.

Never forget what they did to you ™️

In a complete digression, unrelated to anything, here is a sweet little video of Melania and Donald Trump talking to four year old Barron. Enjoy.

Finally, I support this Anon message. Words of wisdom.

As we want to rush people into an awake state, we need to pause and remember that WE once were asleep. We need to remember how WE felt when we woke up. Humanity needs us now. It is time for love and compassion, not hurry up and end this. We were born for SUCH A TIME AS THIS. Handle with care Anons.

I find it easier to have love and compassion for awakening people when I also have patience. The Divine Plan is not being implemented according to my personal comfort level of what I can and cannot tolerate in terms of waiting. It is being implemented according to what is for the highest good of all concerned. EVERYONE. And only Great Spirit/Source knows that information.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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