President Trump's CPAC Speech

 I didn't set out to watch it, but I am so pleased I did. How I have missed that brilliant man! His speech was uplifting and inspiring - everything a weary Light Warrior needs right now from our Commander-in-Chief.

The contrast between President Trump's magnificent speech and [B]iden's recent disastrous appearance in Texas is truly staggering. And of course, that is exactly what was intended by the Alliance. 

I took notes from the speech (I didn't watch from the very beginning). Everything in bold is President Trump's words.

Excerpts from President Trump's CPAC speech...

'Thank God we rebuilt our military.'

'It's about ensuring fair, honest and secure elections. Such a disgrace. We must pass comprehensive reforms and we must do it now...We can never let this happen again. We need election integrity and reform immediately. Without honest elections, how can you have confidence?'

'Many horrible things are happening...'

'This election was rigged and the Supreme Court didn't want to do ANYTHING about it. They didn't have the guts and the courage to make the right decision.'

Then President Trump outlined points of election reform:

'ONE election day - ONE day.
Legitimate absentee voting.
Voter ID.
Verify 100% citizenship of everyone who votes.
Chain of custody to track ballots.'

He continued with the speech after listing the reform points...

'They used [C]OVID as a way of cheating...This is a CONSTITUTIONAL matter.'

'We need FREE speech...Time to break up Big Tech monopolies and restore fair competition. If the Federal Government refuses to act, individual States can punish Big Tech with major sanctions when they silence Conservative voices. Texas is leading the way.'

'Politicians need to stand up to the Democrats, the media and the radicals who want to turn America into a socialist country. Democrats are vicious. There is evil there.'

'I am working to elect strong tough Republican leaders...'

Then he drew attention to Jim Jordan in the crowd and spent a few minutes honoring his courage and fortitude. Yay! I was very relieved to have confirmation that Jim Jordan - one of my heroes - is a 'good guy'.

'How the hell is it possible that I lost..? We got more votes than ANY incumbent President in the history of this country. 75 million votes. I got nearly 12 million votes MORE than in 2016. What happened at 3.02 in the morning...? (election night). 18 out of 19 "Bellweather" states voted for Trump.'

'It is time to put our forces together. Go to We need your help. We are in a struggle for the survival of America. We are going to win. The greater the challenge, the tougher we are. We will TRIUMPH. We will go on to the heroes who crossed the Delaware...'

'We will win the Senate. The Republican President will make a triumphant return to the White House. I wonder who that will be...?? Who - WHO will that be, I wonder...??'

'Our brightest days are just ahead.' (President Trump)

Hallelujah! Thank God for President Trump and the Alliance. 

Today's speech is a massive boost for Light Warriors around the world. There were several coded references to Cue and the Alliance plan for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. For me, President Trump's mention of the heroes who crossed the Delaware was a slam-dunk. The painting of Washington crossing the Delaware with his troops is the most iconic Cue image.

I believe President Trump was referring to the horrific situation in the tunnels when he mentioned 'horrible things are happening' and 'there is evil there' regarding the Democrats.

Hold the Line, World Patriots. 


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I thank God for POTUS and the Alliance every day!

  2. So do I...! When I write those words in a post, there is a LOT of heart-felt love and gratitude behind them.


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