[B]iden Trips. Oops.

 Video footage is going viral of [B]iden tripping THREE TIMES as he boards an aircraft. 

Here is President Trump's reaction to [B]iden tripping. He is looking very trim after his break away from public life. It's great that he had the chance to relax and re-group. He is wearing a GOLD tie against a GOLD backdrop. Could it signify the impending announcement of the Gold Standard?


Love this Donald Trump Jr video about the tripping incident.

President Trump has called for the 25th Amendment where the Vice President takes over when the (fake) President is too incapacitated to hold the office.


It seems that [B]iden tripping was forecast by Cue. 'Future proves the past'. Cowboyw2b again...

Q957 'Why are trips allowed?' = 3-year delta 3.18
Next day Bidan trips 3 times.

And third post from Cowboyw2b - this time connecting a large USA sports event called March Madness to the Cue number for pain - 23.

From beginning to end, March Madness is 23 days long.


Please use your discernment while reading the following message. Read it from your HEART. Your soul resides in your heart and knows what is true for you.

Finally, if this isn't John Kennedy's son...well...

Wow. John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg nicknamed "Jack" looks a lot like someone we know. Must just be another coincidence I guess.

~Nate Burruano


The same Anonup suggests that Josh Kennedy and Kayleigh McEnany could be John Kennedy's other two children. The post from JFK (Jr) suggests that he has three children.

Remember, we are to expect those people we think are alive are dead, and those who we think are dead are alive. The Big Reveal will lift the lid on some explosive truths that will shock humanity to the core.

Keep your faith, World Patriots. WE'VE GOT THIS.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. I am so intertwined within all of this. God leads the way for me. It certainly isn't easy living in a homeless shelter for the past 14+ months. I pray my Zim bonds provide redemption, as I have several orphanages in Uganda, awaiting necessary aid.

    Be well and be blessed, ALL.

  2. Mr E, thank you so much for your frequent posts on Rumor Mill News. I always appreciate your research and links. Your experience living in the homeless shelter is surely to understand the difficulties of the meek and helpless - the very souls we came here to help. Bless you for this particular research. Love and Light to you, my friend.

  3. From common knowledge and some research . . . the young man "Jack" (above) is John Kennedy's GRANDson. Schlossberg is Caroline's married name, so he is HER son. Jack's middle names are his grandmother's maiden name and his mother's maiden name. NCSWIC . . . . DD

    1. Thanks DD. I was thinking that dates were not lining up for certain people to be JFK (Not) Jr's children - they would not be old enough based on the timing of his disappearance. Thank you for this clarification, much appreciated.

    2. Oh, you're most welcome. I've been questioning "Kayleigh" and a search tells me her age and her parents do not fit the scenario, so I stopped going down that rabbit hole. Based on that, it's doubtful (to me) that she's Jr's daughter. I saw Josh (#17) and I'm OK with him. This is like a jigsaw puzzle - lol. Some day all the pieces will fit and we'll be able to see the big picture! Yea!


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