Leadup to Easter

There is excellent material in today's Starship Earth newsletter. I have included the link.

This Gab post indicates that major action may start on 23rd March - and run for ten days until Easter. Ten Days of Darkness followed by the Light of Easter? Biblical is taking on a deeply significant meaning, especially when you factor in Passover and Pentecost.

ISRAEL Election.
3/23 = 69.
Expecting it all to escalate now.
23rd to Easter is 10 days.
There is a LOT of chatter about the activation of the QFS and the RV/GCR. Remember the little video by President Trump where he wore a gold tie? The backdrop was GOLD. He was gold-backed.

This Pepe Lives Matter Gab post reminds us that President Trump has not gone anywhere - he is still very busy working on our behalf behind the scenes. 

Trump's latest statement used a phrase often used by Q:
"Crimes against humanity."

A Major Patriot Gab post with the TRUTH about the virus - comparing stats from California and Florida.

This is not, nor has ever been, about a virus.

Finally, a good laugh to keep our spirits buoyed during this protracted war. This Gab post from OutlawJW.

The Babylon Bee got their hands on #Biden's day planner.
Anons seem to be in complete agreement that we can expect BIG THINGS to happen in the next few weeks. It's not long to wait - we can hang on a bit longer.

Hold the line, World Patriots. All is well.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light