March Gets Off To Flying Start

Texas and Mississippi have both ended their mask mandates and are now 100% open for business. This is great news! Now watch all the other states (and countries including NZ) demand their freedom too. 

We the People have had enough of the BS. 

Kim Runner...

First Texas and Now Mississippi... Let's just open the entire country!!


The third of March is the three-year anniversary/delta for this Cue drop about March Madness. The date 3/3 is the Christ consciousness Master number. It was hijacked by the [s]atanists - what a perfect day for karmic justice.

Delta. 3/3

Ripper Duck makes a very good point here. Why are the [D]eep [S]tate celebrities not partying and celebrating [B]iden's 'win'? Or should the question be - Where are they REALLY...?' I love how Ripper Duck describes [B]iden as a 'plate of mashed potatoes'.

Something is very odd. Where the hell are:

Chelsea Handler
Alec Baldwin
George Clooney and his tranny wife
Anglie Jolie
The Schumer heifer woman
The Hanks
Kathy Griffen
Rob Reiner
Woody Allen
Barbara Feinstein
and many, many more?

After all, their plate of mashed potatoes won the WH, it should be non-stop partying and media blitz to promote DJT leaving. Remarkable that they've damn near disappeared. Now, it could be they're no longer useful, were gotten rid of, and a new circus full of clowns will emerge. But, billions were spent promoting the above-mentioned list of hacks, you'd think their handlers would get more of their investment back...

Doq Holliday reminds us why the Alliance is DEFINITELY winning the war to liberate humanity.

White hats control quantum computing.
Meaning white hats can compute every possible scenario based on prescience related to quantum timelines.
It's a pretty surreal pill to swallow.

Ghost Ezra reminds us why President Trump needed to step back at this time.

Trump had to get out of the way publicly while the diseased temple collapses. By the time it collapses, even the left will be begging for him to come back.

One of my blog readers, Mr E shares two pieces of important intel...

Firstly, the razor wire fencing is being removed from around the White House/Capitol area. Let's pray it is because the tunnels have all been cleared. 
Secondly, today SpaceX17 was launched in Florida, launching the new Starlink satellite internet. As Mr E says, 'Dark to Light'. And love the number 17.

Finally, Dr Michael Salla,  a great Secret Space Program researcher, shares information about med bed technology.

Exciting times ahead, fellow Light Warriors. Do remember to relax and enjoy the show. We chose to be present during THE most extraordinary time in Earth's history.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Thank you Apple Goddess. Lovely name! I live in the heart of an apple-growing area in NZ. I love apples - I eat one every day.

  2. Well done for you Sierra. You know what they say.... An apple a day keeps the doctor away! :)

    1. There is real science behind that motto, Stephan. Not to mention they taste yummy!

  3. Dear Sierra,

    I still stand and fight with all of my might,
    If there is one thing i will do,
    I will place a link on my site,
    as a tribute,
    straight back to you!
    Love and Light

    1. Stephan, that is such a delightful poem - and message. Thank you, my friend! I will stand and fight beside you with all my might too. The Light has already won on the continuum. We will see it through to the very end here on 3D Earth. We've got this...!!

  4. Sierra, thank you for the mention in your blog. I'm quite isolated, in many ways. I'm doing the 'work' called AWAKENING, as all of us are. The SpaceX launch was postponed until tomorrow morning, Florida time. 🙏🙏🙏
    Rumor of the EBS in the next few days. Possibly worldwide!
    Ciao for now, or as SantaSurfing says, Aloha

    1. Mr E, I very much resonate with your sense of isolation. I am in contact with several Light Warriors world wide - we all share this sense of isolation. That's why blogs like this are important. We are NOT alone.
      That is exciting about the potential global EBS. I feel very strongly that we are now just days - weeks at most - away from the big changes we have been longing for. Thank you for your intel tips, my friend. Love and Light to you

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