President Trump: Truth About Fauci and Birx

 President Trump used Telegram to condemn the actions of [D]eep [S]tate [C]OVID operatives Fauci and Birx...

As Anons point out, it is extraordinary for a USA President - former or otherwise - to speak out so harshly against top government health officials. I believe that President Trump is seeding humanity's consciousness for the revelation that the [D]eep [S]tate orchestrated the Plandemic/Scamdemic.

I also believe the wedged EVERGREEN ship in the Suez Canal fulfilled a similar purpose. Were there [s]ex-trafficked children in those containers? We may never know. What we DO know is that EVERGREEN was the Secret Service codename for [H]illary [C]linton - and she was one of the most heinous [s]atanists involved in [s]ex-trafficking, eg Haiti.

When the details of global [s]ex trafficking are made known to humanity, people will remember that ship. They will realize that the Alliance was sending them a message before the Big Reveal.

Speaking of President Trump, he has set up his own official website.

Here is an interesting Gab post from WhipLash347. Cue often referred to 5:5.

Look at the Dow Jones Price at Close.
369 (Key To The Universe)

Cowboyw2b has an interesting tweet from Dan Scavino. Note the FF on the plane's fuselage: False Flag.

Hmmm, 17 & 45 minute timestamps in Scavino’s tweet.


Well done to Florida residents - a million people to march and burn masks on 10th April. I hope the rest of the world follows suit very quickly and we can end the madness.

Million Maskless March and Mass Mask burning planned in Florida.
Scheduled for April 10th.
Finally, this woman saved a child from sex-trafficking using compassion and common sense. See something, say something.


Hold the Line, World Patriots. The Alliance is very busy working behind the scenes to secure the ETERNAL freedom of humanity from enslavement. It's a big deal. They need us to remain calm, positive and patient.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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  2. Interesting...! Thank you. We haven't got long to wait to find out...

  3. thankyou Sierra for this excellent repport today i keep faith.Sylvain from QQuebec

  4. thankyou Sierra for this excellent repport today i keep faith.Sylvain from QQuebec

  5. Thank you Sylvain - I am keeping faith too. We Light Warriors are a powerful force of Light and Love on planet Earth right now. Nothing can stop what is coming.

  6. Sierra . . . I heard on a 3/29 phone call that 1) the captain of the ship wedged it on purpose, and 2) someone on the ship found a young boy wrapped in a blanket. No details. Ready for the BIG reveal. I do not look at much email when on the road, so thanks for posting all the above!
    Love and Light, DD

    1. Hi DD. Yes, I believe the Alliance was behind the ship blockage, although some Anons are saying that the dark forces wedged the ship to destroy the global economy. I am VERY ready for the Big Reveal. Maybe Easter...?? My pleasure re posting intel. I enjoy making life a little easier for busy Light Warriors such as yourself!

    2. A hoax and more destroyed the economy, but no more. : ) I've been waiting 27-1/2 years for announcements, so I'm more than ready. Bring it on!


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