Jesse Watters: 'You Are Getting Played'

In a stunning expose, Jesse Watters from Fox News pulls back the Oz curtain exposing the fake [B]iden administration. 

Two part video...

Here are excerpts from Watters' damning expose on [B]iden's recent fake press conference.

'You are getting played...EVERYTHING was scripted ahead of time...[B]iden's answers written in advance by his handlers...the American people are watching The Truman Show...Joe [B]iden is being played by Jim Carrey...These reporters are ACTIVISTS.'

In the second video at 3'48", [B]iden loses his train of thought, mumbles, then stops talking.

'The President of the United States just short circuited and gave up mid-sentence. Who's writing this script? We don't know who's playing Oz behind the curtain. EVERY second of this press conference was STAGED.' (Jesse Watters)

As Watters points out, Fox News is the last media outlet called on at pressers to ask questions - and the Fox News reporter is NOT on [B]iden's cheat list of 'safe' journalists. Could it be that the Alliance has taken over Fox News? Or is Jesse Watters a Light Warrior who has decided to go FULL truth and damn the consequences?

Whatever the explanation, Watters is a hero for calling out the fakery of the [B]iden administration. He even suggested that Jim Carrey is playing [B]iden - a popular concept among Anons.

Congratulations to Jesse and his wife Emma on the arrival of their son Jesse Bailey on 1st April.

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  1. No way jim carrey is playing him. He's a very vocal Trump hater.

  2. There is the possibility that he - or any of the bad guys - could be forced to act these roles as part of their terms when arrested. We know that ANYTHING is possible behind the scenes in this scripted movie. It will be very interesting to learn the truth, as much as we will be finally told.

  3. Biden is also being played by a CGI - Computer Graphic Image.

  4. Hi Guess99. Yes, I totally agree with you about the CGI image. Sticking his hand THROUGH the reporter's microphone was a classic...!


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