MAGA-style Rallies Are Back

Some house-keeping to start with...

Firstly, apologies, President Trump doesn't have a Gab account - the account I linked in the previous post re-posts his messages from his official website. Secondly, some Anons believe that the Donaldo Trumpo account is not the man himself. As with everything that you view or read, use your discernment. However, when it comes to humor, allow yourself the pleasure of a smile, giggle or belly laugh. It is so good for the soul.

Regarding the RV/GCR... It has always been my personal policy that I don't need anyone to guide me through the exchange process. This is a currency exchange, pure and simple. I will know exactly what to do when I turn up at my appointment. And I will NEVER give details of my currency to anyone, including serial numbers etc. Enough said.

A reality check for your liberal family and friends who think [B]iden is a 'popular' President. Yeah, right.
Kanekoa on Gab...

The Big Lie: Joe Biden Is The Most Popular President In US History❗
Speaking of rallies, it is so cool to see the MAGA style rallies cranking up again. As Cue said, It's going to be a HOT summer.

Be sure to join up with some bad ass Patriots this Sunday!


Another cryptic little intel tweet from (Q) The Storm Rider. I get a sense of authenticity from this Anon.

It is common knowledge that the White House is fast becoming derelict - boarded up windows, dying lawns. How long can the truth be shielded from the sleeping public, who truly believe that [B]iden is running the country from there...?

Finally, here is a song for no particular reason other than I am a rock chick from way back (I worked in radio broadcasting in my teens and twenties) and I love this song. Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel with 'Make Me Smile'. As a commenter said, 'It's the pauses, the timing, the tune. It's just perfect.' Indeed - and love the flares. I was a teenager when the song came out so I was wearing flares exactly the same as these. Use headphones for the full experience. Enjoy.

I hope today's post reminds you that there is still a lot of GOOD on this planet. Plenty of wonderful reasons for Light Warriors to get out of bed each morning and renew our pledge to the Divine Plan.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. Hi friend! It's looking like we may have some announcement(s) soon to come. Oh please, oh please!

    Great little ditty you played there. Quite enjoyable! I also worked in radio, in my college days. I should've stuck with it.
    Anywho, we all need music or other distractions, to get us by.
    I'll leave you with a favorite of mine. Enjoy friend!

    BTW, I share the same first name and birthday with
    Mr. Bowie.

    1. Wow, that is so cool about your connection with David Bowie. Thanks for Ziggie. It's a real classic. They don't make songs like that anymore.

  2. We need the energy of the rallies again! MAGA. I see AZ squirming. Nevada/Michigan next, and I'm in the Mitten. Should be interesting - to say the least, my friend. DD

  3. It will be wonderful to have the excitement of the rallies back again. As Anons are saying, President Trump would not be firing up the rallies again so soon unless big changes are imminent. And yes, re Arizona, Nevada and Michigan - once those dominos fall, it is all systems go....! Lovely to hear from you, DD.


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