Plenty Happening Behind The Scenes

WhipLash347 on Gab - the Advisory 1776 Commission was set up by President Trump.

Event - Stock Market Collapse - Election Flip - Project Odin - EBS
1776, 1776, 1776,
THE EVENT activates it ALL.
1776 makes Vaccines illegal.

WhipLash347 recommends following (Q)TheStormRider on Twitter. After reading today's intriguing tweets, I agree.

An important 14 minute video by Naomi Wolf about vaccination passports. Humanity must resist the introduction of vaccine passports to avoid the possibility of total enslavement.

Does Naomi Wolf's video exaggerate the serious implications of vaccination passports? Read this recent Financial Times article and decide for yourself.

The Financial Times has endorsed "Covid passports", calling them the "new normal"


Finally, President Trump advisor Jason Miller has posted to watch out for something happening tomorrow...


We know there is plenty happening behind the scenes. The EVERGREEN Ever Given Ship is still being held under investigation at Great Bitter Lake by the Suez Canal. There is scant intel - we are left with a LOT of guesswork and speculation by Anons.

Hold the line, World Patriots. WE'VE GOT THIS.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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  2. Thank you, my friend - I intend to have a magical day and I hope you do too!

  3. My husband connected me to you Sierra. He thinks you are awesome.
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  4. Hi Janet and hubby. Lovely to hear from you! I am very happy to have Light Warriors such as the two of you travelling on this journey with me. As I say in my posts - and I mean it EVERY time - WE'VE GOT THIS. Love and Light, my friends.


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