President Trump on Gab

Our Commander-in-Chief is posting some great stuff on Gab, particularly about the Arizona ballot audit. He is giving a strong impression of a leader making a come-back to his rightful position in charge of the country.

Major Patriot re-posted intel from the Bannon War Room about the audit. It's no wonder the [D]eep [S[tate is in a total panic over the outcome.

"They’re Nervous"
And they should be. In just two swing states decided by less than 12,000 votes each, there are 855,000 potentially illegal votes. If Arizona falls, so will Georgia. It’s the broken window theory of elections. Just like Giuliani saved New York, we can save America if we start with the petty election theft. The ghost voters add up. It takes time. It takes grit. It takes standing up to the uniparty. But they’re doing it in Maricopa. And the 'den mother of misinformation' Rachel Maddow is worried about it." -- #WarRoom #WarRoomPandemic @BannonWarRoom

Meanwhile in Europe, tension is building in France - twenty retired generals are calling for military rule.

Praying Medic on Gab...

Emmanuel Macron threatened to punish 20 retired generals and 80 other military officers who signed an open letter warning that the country is heading for civil war because of Islamization. The letter suggested military rule may be needed to avoid civil war.

Cowboyw2b reminds us that the Ever Given container ship story is not over yet.

36 days later and the Ever Given is still ‘stuck’ in the Suez Canal.

Finally, many Anons believe this to be President Trump's own spoof Twitter account. Who can blame him for wanting to have a bit of fun? Apparently Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and General  Flynn are following this account. Hmmm. Use your discernment - enjoy!

Speaking of humor, it is so important to have a good laugh every day, Light Warriors. We must retain our sense of humor. That's why the IlDonaldoTrumpo Twitter account is the perfect antidote to the daily grind of intel research. Babylon Bee is another wonderful source of satirical humor at the expense of the DS.

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  1. Trump is not posting on Gab. His formal press releases from his new office of the former president are being transcribed there.

    1. Thanks JC. I will make that correction in today's post.

  2. I really think the IlDonaldoTrump account is somehow connected with Catturd (considering how often Catturd pops up in the videos). I think it's either Catturd or friend of his/hers.

  3. Thanks for this feedback - I am only going by what Anons are saying, I will urge discernment on this matter as with everything we are reading. It's a mine field out there in more ways than one...!

  4. Hi Sierra! I have never answered on inteldinarchronicle. But I want to tell you that I have been following all your articles for a few years.
    Thx for the great writing. From another lightworker in Montréal, Canada.

    1. Hi Eric. Lovely to hear from you - and thanks for the kind feedback. I have been to the West Coast of your beautiful country and I am really looking forward to exploring the East Coast when I get my RV funds. Canada is like a very stretched out version of New Zealand...!

    2. Same here. I wanna buy an RV with the RV and travel the world doing conference about quantum physics, astral projection, reiki, quantum jump, dream. How to elevate your frequency. Hypnosis. NLP. Maybe build an eco friendly autonomus village in the north of quebec. With alot of lightworker and a spot for first contact. I really feel like in between 2 worlds right now hehe. If you pass by Quebec send me a hail. I have an extra room in Montréal.
      Reiki Latraverse on FB

    3. Oh, how exciting about the spot for First Contact. Love it! Put me down as a participant in that endeavor. And thank you for your very kind offer of somewhere to stay in Montreal, Eric. I will indeed take you up on it when the time comes. Love and Light to you, my friend.

  5. Replies
    1. My pleasure, DD. I do it for my benefit too. I enjoy a good laugh most days. I make a point of watching comedy dvds, especially MASH.

  6. There is a new word: vaccidents. The vaxxed drivers are causing car accidents.

    I do not understand why this question is not asked: What proof do you have that vaxx prevents disease?

    1. Hi Wayne...Isn't vaccidents a horrifying concept? Every day there is a new more shocking connection to this vaccine. And yes, such an obvious question about the proof. Where IS it...?


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