REVISED VERSION of Chilling Little Video

NB: I am leaving this video up but after a comment from Casey, on reflection I agree with him that the video is most probably staged. When I first saw it I thought it was odd there was no one else in the cafe.

I don't want to remove the video because that would be ME censoring content. I would prefer that people draw their own conclusions from the material I present in these posts.

Check out this little video. Warning: Please use your discernment.

A man who got the AstraZeneca jab appears to be automatically connecting to devices just by being near them. What comes up on the screens of those devices - including a large screen telly? The words 'Connected to AstraZeneca'. 

It may be genuine. It may be staged. Whatever the purpose of this little video, it is a chilling sign of the times we are now living in on planet Earth.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


  1. That is the epitome of invasiveness. Wow.

  2. It's the kind of thing we have seen in movies and brushed aside as 'sci fi'. The DS were always supposed to show humanity their game plan in plain sight. We just thought it was too outrageous to be true. Which is more tragic - that the young guy automatically connects to devices after getting the jab, or that he is still wearing a mask...???

  3. I kinda feel like its staged. As in both of them are acting to be trolls. Needs confirmation from others.

  4. Good call, Casey. Having said that, the video I will put in today's post about young people who have had the jab having magnets stick on the jab site seems genuine. Even if that AstraZenica video is staged, it will still have the desired effect of getting people to think about what is happening...

  5. I laughed so I'm guessing it's staged. I see you already mention the magnets. I think those are genuine, too.


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