MSM Truth About Virus Origin

The mainstream media is publishing the TRUTH about the origin of the virus. This is a strong indicator that the Alliance operation is poised to go to a new level of offensive. Remember it is a chess game and a movie - every event we are seeing is scripted and fully controlled.

This tweet suggests that [C]hina  is threatening a nuclear strike against USA in retaliation for the virus origin research

Multiple sources, including Cue, have discussed an imminent 'scare/ near death event'. The potential for a (fake) global nuclear event to be blamed on [C]hina is a strong possibility in light of recent events. If it takes place, it will be highly orchestrated and benign. Please always remember that Source/Creator banned ALL nuclear detonations in all Universes because of the severe effects on souls. Nuclear war on planet Earth will NEVER be allowed to happen.

Meanwhile brave frontline doctors are speaking out on the dangers of the jab, at the risk of losing their jobs.

Finally, Anons are buzzing over the appearance of 'B' on a Cue Board, and are speculating whether it is the return of Cue. I don't know anything about it so cannot offer an opinion. Here is a message from Code Monkey which offers some ideas.

We Light Warriors remain in a state of high alert. A BIG domino is about to fall, heralding the arrival of the full blast of the storm. I believe that many dominos will fall at once after the first one. Each event will be separate but all related to the accelerating Ascension of humanity. Nothing can stop what is coming - and nothing will ever be the same again after the storm hits with full force.

Hold the line, World Patriots. WE'VE GOT THIS.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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  3. Jim Watkins (CodemonkeyZ's dad/owner of 8kun) just posted a video with everything he knows about B. Here's a link:

    1. Thanks my friend - I look forward to checking out this video...

  4. I'm ready to get on with the good stuff . . . . lol NCSWIC


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