Plenty Happening Behind Scenes

(Q)The Storm Rider has a series of excellent tweets today - this one is about [I]srael and [D]eep [S]tate.

Another great tweet from (Q)The Storm Rider - it outlines the DS fake alien invasion plan.

That tweet mentions earthquakes. There have been several big earthquakes in China, including a 7.4. Watch this space for further developments. Could it be the Three Gorges Dam domino is about to fall...?

Brilliant post from Cowboyw2b - it compares getting the jab to a lottery. 

Anyone else see the irony of using a lottery to promote getting the Covid-19 vaccine?


More great digging from Cowboyw2b. President Trump's plane features very prominently twice within two days. There are NO coincidences in the Alliance plan.

There’s no way that the Trump Airplane is just coincidentally included in the interview 2 days ago.


I include this article not to depress or scare you - but as a reminder of the deadly purpose of the [D]eep [S[tate agenda.

DS TV host Joe Scarborough has an epic meltdown. Watch from 4 minutes if short of time. They are PANICKING.

I would be interested to hear experiences from blog readers about being around vaccinated people. My lovely neighbor, who is sadly double-jabbed, has been in my house twice briefly in recent days to measure a window for a new blind. Each time, I have had a metallic taste in my mouth after he left. I am super sensitive to toxins. I always get a metallic taste. Those jabs are NOT good. I aired out the house thoroughly after he departed.

Some wise words from a dear soul brother. We are all feeling the effects of the 3D/5D separation...

 'As the pressure comes on, we will see those that trip and stumble, we will also see those that are unshakable. These are the ones we need at our fingertips as we proceed towards our goal. Watch carefully as we go through these final days. True colors will show as the heat increases...I've had people whom have been very close to me and I've held in high regard, falter already.'

Finally, a great message from Pepe Lives Matters on Gab. We Anons are heroes, every one of us.

Anons in 2021 collectively took perhaps the biggest leap of faith that many of us have ever seen.
How amazing is it going to feel when vindication comes...knowing that we held the line to the very end.
We did it together.

Many years ago I was given an analogy for the Alliance operation to free humanity. It would be like a tapestry. All the work would be done underneath, where you cannot see it. What we would see during this entire time was the BACK of the tapestry - the front was being worked on tirelessly, meticulously, behind the scenes. Then one day, the tapestry would be flipped, revealing the full glory of the Divine Plan.

The tapestry is about to be flipped.

Hold the line, World Patriots. WE'VE GOT THIS.

Thank you for reading this post. You are most welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



  1. "Then one day, the tapestry would be flipped, revealing the full glory of the Divine Plan."
    Ashtar: "There is only one being who knows the date and He has not communicated it to us; the Supreme Commander, the Lord God Almighty." ("The Crystal Stair")

    This book teaches that the space people in the great ships are directly involved in the Divine Plan. Divine means spiritual, heavenly, and godly.

    1. Thank you, Wayne. I really appreciate your feedback. Indeed - the One who knows the date has not communicated it to us yet. We are One and when the vibration has reached the perfect 'sweet spot', the tapestry will be flipped. Love and Light to you, my friend.

  2. I left a comment a few weeks ago saying that I´m propably the only person not quaccinated at work. And I´m starting to see it! So many sick leaves we have never before had! It´s a catastrophe because at the same time there are no substitutes available. I´m working in elderly peoples´ health care in a small town.
    I read that pine needle tea may be an answer to shedding, so I started to dig. Not only pine needle tea but almost any non-poisonous coniferous needle tea. Then I found out that in my country (Finland in the north of Europe) there is a company which makes freeze dried powder of coniferous needles and so it happened that they had a sale this week! I bought a huge bag and will try it. I also found another company which produces extract from the bark of coniferous trees. It´s beautiful red water which tastes a bit like resin. So I shouldn´t be surprised if I start to grow needles myself in near future. :) Let´s hope that this will help to keep me safe and sound.

    1. Hi Omat - thanks so much for your feedback. Working in elderly care is very difficult with the [v]ax. Here in NZ, all staff and residents in elderly care facilities are expected to be [v]accinated. Well done finding the coniferous needles remedy. I read that fennel seeds ward off the harmful effects of shedding. I bought some.
      I also believe in sternly telling the shedding to keep away from you. That's what I did after my neighbor visited me today. It's a mixture of common sense, and not giving in to fear. These are the times we Light Warriors came to Earth to aid humanity. We will prevail! Love and Light to you.

  3. The tapestry analogy is so appropriate. I keep colloidal silver in my first aid kit - good for what ails you. I had a few tiny ants on my bathroom floor the other day. I sternly told them to go home... and they did. Yea. I read The Crystal Stair back in the 90s - dating myself - ha ha.

    1. Hi DD. I haven't read The Crystal Stair - I wonder how I missed that book in among the hundreds I read through the 80s and 90s. Oh, I should try that with ants. Good tip! Since I have been rescuing baby spiders and putting them outside, I have had none of their larger relatives visiting me. These little things do work...tee hee.


    2. Sierra dear girl. I need to suggest a couple of vids by Alfred Lambremont Webre and Klan Mother Karen Lucyk MacDonald. .... on Bitchute or Brighteon. Both are in Canada. She is extremely knowledgeable. Her Bio feedback device can detect numerous substances in the body and show the aura of her clients. Those folks who have been jabbed .... well their colors quickly fade and all you see is gray. She made a point of saying that pine needles, alfalfa and borax are all useless. Nothing can correct your system once your DNA has been altered with nano bots. If interested, then you'll look. In the meantime, it would be wise to avoid the vax'd ones and DO NOT ALLOW them to hug you. It's a vampiric gesture. We are in the 3 to 5 percent. God bless and keep you safe.
      Rina in Vancouver

    3. Hi Rina. Thank you for these suggestions. I will look up those two videos - I have watched Alfred Webre before and I know of Klan Mother Karen. Bless you too. We are all in this together. Love and Light.

    4. Thanks for info re: energy vampires. Also Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (who has studied vaccines for about 21 years) says these are not vaccines. In her recent video with Coach Dave, she recommends calling them injections or shots. Blessings to all. DD

    5. Hi DD. I agree about the terminology - I have been calling them jabs as opposed to vaccine. Blessings to you too, my friend.


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