Rumors About First Big Arrest

Anons are buzzing over rumors that President Trump might be the first big arrest. As Cue always said, 'How do you legally inject evidence...?' We were warned to expect major twists in the narrative. Anything is possible at this stage. Please use your discernment at all times when reading intel. Consider EVERYTHING to be rumor until proven otherwise.

Neo on Gab...

What if they arrest Trump instead of Fauci?
Remember when the walls were closing in on Trump?

They're closing in on Fauci. Only this time, it's real.

Wow, the [F]auci story is gathering momentum at an astonishing speed. Peter Navarro said that 'Fauci will be gone within 90 days'.

Pepe Lives Matter posted about President Trump's strategy regarding [F]auci. This idea has a lot of merit.

"If the pandemic did come from the lab, he (Fauci) would have great culpability." (Quote from President Trump)
This is clearly a coordinated push from Patriots. Trump knew what he was doing when he paraded Fauci out for the world to see. All signs point to the fact that Biblical level traps have been set.

It is common knowledge that Pedowood is dying. Unsurprisingly, Amazon is ploughing over $8B into the industry in an attempt to revitalise one of the biggest [p]edophilia businesses on the planet.

Senator Hawley: “This sale should not go through. [Amazon] is already a monopoly platform that owns e-commerce, shipping, groceries & the cloud. They shouldn’t be permitted to buy anything else.”

JUST IN: Amazon to buy MGM Studios for $8.45B in the second-largest acquisition in the company’s history, behind its $13.7B purchase of Whole Foods in 2017 (CNBC).

Finally, Spirit said many years ago that the mainstream media would be the last to go. When we see clear signs that the MSM is dying, we know the finish-line is near. Here is some great news about the 'bad' news people...

We are definitely on the edge of some massive breakthroughs - and they will come from multiple directions. We will be dizzy as we try to keep up with the staggering number and scale of truth bombs that are about to rain down upon a largely unsuspecting humanity. 


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  1. It seems the Trump offensive is coming out of NY state. [DS] trying their hardest to deflect attention away from Andrew Cuomo, AZ Audit, Fauci takedown, looming China crisis and imminent John Brennan execution. Good luck with that Dems.

    1. It's possible a Trump arrest was part of the Alliance plan all along. Imagine the outrage when people discover what the DS has done - and that they arrested the one person who was trying to save them. It is a chess game.

  2. Hello, Sierra, you know as well as I do that in every film production where there are major crimes and where it involves several actors around a serious crime, everyone is suspected of this crime but towards the end of the film there is always the real culprit who is exposed and here is the film in which we are and even in a child abduction we always suspect the father first. Thanks to you again, humm, I like to read you, we all look alike. Sylvain du Q, UEBEC

  3. Love the headline about CNN losing nearly 70% of its viewers. Thanks for the chuckle! DD

  4. Oh, I loved it too. Yay! The demise of CNN cannot come fast enough.


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