USA Gas Shortages

(Q) The Storm Rider has tweeted about the significance of the USA gas shortage. The implications are HUGE. The gas shortage - along with the Arizona audit - could be the first big dominoes to fall. And what do you know - last month [D]eep [S]tate puppet CNN predicted gas shortages.

The gas shortage issue has the potential to ripple out around the world very rapidly. Every country on Earth is dependent on petroleum products to keep functioning, and everything is interconnected. Already here in New Zealand, people are commenting on the huge price rises in building products due to the cargo ship blockage in Suez Canal. Everything is on a razor edge, about to implode.

The [D]eep [S]tate knows their number is up. They are desperately activating their 'sleeper' mind-controlled minions globally. Yesterday in Dunedin, New Zealand, a man ran amok in a supermarket stabbing and critically injuring four people. This kind of incident is extremely rare in NZ. There have been recent mass shootings in North America.

The gas shortages and false flag incidents are designed to have people 'look here, not there'. I agree with this Anon on Gab who re-posted Major Patriot.

Look here, not there.
Keep eyes on the Audit.
The lid is about to be completely blown off the November 3rd election and the Wuhan Lab bio-weapon release.
But I'm sure all this turmoil with our pipeline and "ally" Israel is just a coincidence.
Judy Byington has re-posted this message from Telegram that could indicate the start of the long-awaited Ten Days of Darkness. Please use your discernment, as always. We know that Cue said 'No outside Comms' so this is not a direct message from Cue. However indications are that we are right on the precipice of major action.

Q & Trump The Great Awakening Telegram:

BREAKING NEWS: State of emergency in 17 States in US. This is a direct
message from Q to get ready. It's a military operation. Notifying us
that state of emergency will be triggered soon US wide and then the
world. This is the shutdown and 10 days of darkness coming soon. This is
the implementation of NESARA/GESARA. USA first, then the world. If you
didn't prep already. It's time to do it now. 2 weeks of food and water,
gas, etc.

Finally, I am a subscriber to Daniel Scranton's daily channelled messages from the Arcturians. I particularly resonate with today's message. Here is an excerpt regarding following your feelings when it comes to where you focus your energies.

'Choose...choose...choose, and then choose again. Choose consciously and let your feelings tell you whether you actually want to be focusing on something...your feelings will not lie to you, not ever.'

I get sent a lot of video links from Light Warrior friends. How do I decide which video to watch? Even if the friend has raved about it? I listen to my heart. My heart/soul knows exactly where I need to place my focus, moment to moment. And it can change within minutes. I set out to watch something and suddenly realize that I have moved on and it is not relevant anymore. I trust my instincts.

Anons are advising to stock up on fuel, food etc. It is wise advice at any time. No need to go overboard though. Leave a loo roll or three for the next shopper...!

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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light



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