Warning About Jab From NZ Medical Expert

This NZ doctor is a GP of 27 years experience. He is also a forensic physician with a Masters Degree in Forensic Medicine from Monash University. And he has had 27 years experience as a police doctor.

I think you can safely call him a medical expert who knows what he is talking about.

Please listen to what he says about the virus jab. This video can be watched at 1.5 speed.




  1. A very thoughtful and compassionate expose of the real risks in a calm rational manner.

  2. I agree with you. This humble NZ doctor is speaking from his heart because he knows the truth and cares about humanity. I honor his bravery and compassion.

  3. He sounds sincere. I just found another website about NZ full of goodies. Hope you enjoy. http://www.wakeupkiwi.com/news-articles-83.shtml#Scaremongering

  4. Hi DD. I keep forgetting about the Wakeup Kiwi site. Starship Earth often refers to it. Thanks for the reminder - I will put it on my Bookmarks.


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