Excellent Video: Compliance Equals Survival

If you have been desperately trying to awaken/red pill friends and family, especially about the jab, this video will be very helpful. Saratoga Ocean explains clearly WHY it doesn't work to persuade them about the jab - and she gives suggestions of what to do instead. Recommended viewing (can be watched at 1.5 speed). Excerpts below.

To the unawakened frightened person, compliance equals survival.
A creator is NOT compliant - that is why awakened people are not complying.
The unawakened frightened person clings tightly to the compliance, eg 'I'm going to die if I let go of this thing'.
Fear shuts down rational deliberative thinking.
Don't fight against frightened people. It's not up to you to wake them up.'

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Where We Go One We Go All.

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  1. I had two long-term friends whom I thought were wide awake, yet I learned early this year that they are fearful and compliant. In retrospect, I 'lost' one back in 2017 after the election. Even though they know that I worked all my adult life in the medical profession, they chose to shoot the messenger. This is definitely separating the wheat from the chaff.

  2. Hi DD. It is the MSM that is responsible for dividing us. The fearful people, such as my loved ones, slavishly follow MSM for all their information about [V]ax and virus. Even if they were to try and Google information, nearly all the entries talk about conspiracy theories. If they don't take the red pill and attempt to do alternative research, they remain fearful and compliant. It is absolutely about separating the wheat from the chaff. We can only love them and let them go. I found the video very reassuring because I finally had an explanation as to WHY they are acting the way they do - they truly believe they must comply to survive. We know it to be the exact opposite. Love and hugs.

  3. A sua intervenção é verdadeira segue o teu caminho vitória está ao virar da esquina . Muito Obrigado

  4. Hi Sierra . . . I just found this new article about the Supreme Court canceling universal vax.

  5. Hi DD. I saw this article. I meant to include it in a previous post but I ran out of room. I will use it today. Thanks! Hugs.


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