Happy Birthday President Trump!

Happy Birthday President Trump from Down Under - where it is your birthday today...!

President Trump's birthday gift to himself - Netanyahu has finally been ousted after 12 years as Israeli Prime Minister. He will be replaced on Sunday.

After 12 years in power, Bibi Netanyahu is OUT as Prime Minister of Israel, even after he offered to let a man who sources say could be blackmailed by Iran take over in exchange for limited power.
The new coalition government is led by an ultranationalist.

Christopher Sign, a TV news anchor who wrote a book titled 'Secrets On The Tarmac' about the [C]linton tarmac incident, has been found dead. When his book was first published, he said he and his family were getting death threats. The [C]linton body count continues. Heart breaking.

More sobering news. This little video about the jab may shock you. Please use discernment. However, remember that this person is sharing her direct experience of the situation so we cannot turn a blind eye.

Great to see angry mothers in the States storming their school board meetings over Critical Race Theory.

Brilliant meme about the G7 meeting. How could anyone in their right mind believe that slim young man is [T]rudeau? Give me a break. The real one (dead, hopefully) is at least twenty years older.

Finally, let's end on a joyful note. Brazilians love their conservative President. What an amazing sight!

***Monster motorcade*** in São Paulo, Brazil, in support of conservative Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro #GreatAwakening

Light Warriors remain positive and upbeat, albeit exhausted. I am running out of steam mid-afternoon most days. This is not me at all. I am usually full of energy. It was reassuring to hear astrologer Pam Gregory talk in a recent video about the intensely powerful energies flooding the Earth plane, and how many of us Light Warriors are exhausted and dizzy.

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Where We Go One We Go All.

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